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Ziprecruiter is a fantastic way to help employees and employers with job searching, and filling positions. It allows applicants to freely post their resume, to jobs they’re interested in, and through strictness confidentiality, your information is always safe! This fast, reliable, job site, makes life easier if your unemployed or if your in search for your next candidate for the job! Ziprecruiter will make anyone’s experience easy, and helpful because its a knowledgeable service that is there for your benefit. Within this site, you are able to customize, filter, as well as post whatever job related information you want, in efforts to help you find what your looking for. No more, giving away your resume, and not knowing what to do next. Log in to Ziprecruiter today, connect with employers, and start working!

Ziprecruiter, is an online job-seeking service that helps people find jobs they are looking for. Although it does not guarantee you a job in a matter of minutes, but it does give you the confidence in knowing that your information is safe, and employers will take an interest in you! Get results you need and want with Ziprecruiter, because this simple, easy to use site, will get you motivated and ready to go out in the workforce. People all over are using this cite, join them, because Ziprecruiter makes hiring faster, easier, and cheaper. Details


  1. Ian Siegel (CEO)
  2. Joe Edmonds (Co-CTO)
  3. Ward Poulos (CDO)
  4. Will Redd (C0-CTO)

  • Headquarter: Santa Monica, California
  • Employees: 150 above
  • Type: Private
  • Industry: Internet
  • Services: Online employment
  • Website:
  • Origin: USA
  • Founded: 2010

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • As a professional Contract Recruiter I am always searching for more effective candidate sourcing tools that will allow me to identify and reach a new audience for my clients. I was introduced to Zip Recruiter by a client above two years ago and received my first resume within hours of my first posting. I have used Zip Recruiter ever since and consider it to be an essential part of any successful recruiting campaign. I have recommended Zip Recruiter without hesitation to all of my clients, safe in the knowledge that the sales/customer service staff is outstanding, always ready to help.
    If you need a cost effective, reliable tool to give you an effective recruiting advantage, call Zip Recruiter today.
  • As a recruiter getting advertisement in front of as many candidates as possible in a cost-effective manner. Zip Recruiter will do that. Customer service is great and will often offer tips. Assistance is always just a phone call or a few key strokes away should anyone needs it.
  • Candidate review and selection was simple. The appropriate number of candidates to interview was easily determined by the content of the information available. This was our first use of this site and the comprehensiveness of the presentations is something I shared with my contemporaries at our other locations. It is by far an exceptional economic tool to use for selecting job applicants.

Negative Experiences 

  • I follow all of the steps, set up account post advertisement, and agree to pay money.
    Then I get an email saying the need me to call to verify information. I do the dial and I am on hold for over 12 minutes, before I hang up and call again. Person who answered could not believe I had been on hold at all. They wanted name, rank and serial number – then they determined our business was in a residential neighborhood (no it is a commercial business on several acres of major road frontage), so they demanded applicants must physically visit our location for an interview. For a position which is worked remotely from anywhere.
  • Usually I’m moved to write a review when I receive 5-star service. In this case my experience was so frustrating, that I feel the word needs to get out helping others.
    I am recruiting currently on a consulting project for a confidential company. I’ve used many posting and resume service with great success and I thought I would include zip recruiter in my arsenal. So, I queried for the cost of services. They will not provide pricing until you sign up with them. So, I signed up. Then, they provide you to do a free posting. So I did a free posting. At first, nothing is free if they want your data in order to provide it. In my case, although they had my name, my verified credit account, they would not let me proceed unless I revealed my confidential client. Although I don’t mind paying for service, one should be warned that their “free posting” is for four days and there after your credit card is charged somewhere between $99 a month or $500+ per year. I planned on paying anyway, but in principal this is a dishonest practice.
    WASTED MY TIME: 1) setting up account 2) creating job posting 3) providing payment information. Then, they refused to allow me to go forward unless I provide data that is irrelevant to them unless they are using this data to sell to third parties.
  • After signing up, they told me my corporate address (been in business 11 years) could not be served because it was a residential address. I asked that he cancelled the account then he said that not to worry then hung up. It was really disappointing.
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