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Zing Stevia
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About Zing Stevia

Zing Stevia gives a sweet taste without any carcinogenic chemicals and is made from natural ingredients in a blend of stevia leaf extract, cane sugar and dextrose. Zing Stevia does not metabolize like normal sugar compounds, instead the glycosides pass through the body without it absorbing any calories from it, making it ideal for diabetes patients and people looking to cut sugar from their diet without cutting taste. Zing Stevia is available in a sweetener form that can be added to coffee, over fruit and in other foods and beverages and a baking blend that can be used for naturally sweet and low-calorie cookies and cakes.

Features and Benefits

Zing stevia offers a low calorie, all natural sweetener that can be added to smoothies, coffee, and foods as an alternative to other low-calorie sweeteners containing the carcinogen aspartame. The Baking Blend is specially formulated to replace sugar in baking recipes at half the ratio (1 cup of sugar becomes a half cup of Zing stevia). Zing stevia packets contain zero calories and the baking blend contains 5 calories per serving.

Zing Stevia Pricing

Zing stevia is available from local retailers for varying prices, from

$2.69 to $4.99 for a box of 40 packets, baking blend prices could not be found online.

Does Zing Stevia Taste Good?

.Reviews could not be found on Amazon or other websites, but the company facebook page has amassed 28,000 “likes” and numerous customers claim to love the taste and the fact there isn’t any bitter aftertaste common with other stevia sweeteners.

Zing Stevia Pros and Cons:


  • Low Calorie Sweetener with no aftertaste
  • Natural ingredients without toxic carcinogens


  • The flavor isn’t guaranteed to please everyone
  • Online reviews are sparse save for the facebook page

Bottom Line: Should You Use Zing Stevia?

With the public becoming more aware of the dangers of artificial sweeteners, stevia is becoming a more popular alternative to sugar. It also may be a substitute for diabetics, but individuals should consult their doctor about this. If you’re looking for a sweetener alternative, Zing is certainly worth a try, especially with the free sample they offer on their website so you can try it before buying to see if you like the taste.

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