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Zenpayroll is a service that allows you to easily manage your payroll. The company offers a slew of features to make paying your employees faster and easier. To name a few of their features, Zenpayroll has employee accounts so that they can enter their own information, the service notifies the government when you add a new employee, it files your tax forms for you, and allows you to determine when your employees get paid and run payrolls as often as you want. The company claims that it’s easy to set up and you can even run payroll in under ten minutes. The service is now available in all states.

About Zenpayroll

One of the biggest things that sets Zenpayroll apart from other providers is its simplicity. The customer reviews for the most part have proclaimed it’s easy to use nature, but even simply visiting their website displays Zenpayroll’s simplicity. Their site is actually aesthetically pleasing, as it is both professional, modern, uncluttered, with a splash of color. It’s a well-organized site, very easy to navigate. On the other hand, visiting the Paychex website, another payroll provider, is not so pleasing. Many of their customer reviews are not so satisfied either. Zenpayroll seems to be holding up well against its competitors.

What others are saying about Zenpayroll?

People either love Zenpayroll or hate it. The majority of reviews have been positive. Reviewers mention what a great experience they’ve had, that the service is easy to set up and to use with great costumer service, and their employees have loved it. Positive reviews often recommend the service, also saying that it saved them time and money. The relatively few negative reviews, most often one star, hated the service. They reported having such problems as missing payroll deadlines, too many questions that they have found irrelevant or ridiculous, and a slow processing rate. People have also complained of needing to sign and send in too many papers or it just wasn’t easy to use.

Zenpayroll Pricing

The first two months are free, after which you’re charged $25 as well as $4 for every person you’re paying (not the total amount of people you have in your account) each month. There are no additional costs, even if you have employees in different states.

Contact Information

You can contact Zenpayroll by calling (800) 936-0383. You can also send then a message by visiting www.zenpayroll.com/contact and filling out their online form.

Our Bottom Line on Zenpayroll

This online payroll service has held up to many of its claims for the most part. Customer satisfaction, especially among small businesses, has been high. This service is simple and affordable, and comes with features that make paying, receiving pay, and filing taxes and such things, much easier. Basically, this service is worth a try.


-It’s simple to use, with an easy to navigate site and system

-The price is very low, especially compared to some other payroll services such as ADP and Paychex

-Full service online provider with time and attendance partners—so you don’t have to manually enter hours

-Integrates with accounting software such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks

-Customer reviews as well as Zenpayroll have claimed this is a great option for small businesses


-Costumers have complained that the questions asked are too much or irrelevant.

-Complaints also include slow processing and missed deadlines, so there is potential that this could put you behind.


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