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Zen Tech Blue Light Screen Protector
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About Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

Zen Tech Blue Blocking Screen Protector is a great product from ‘Bulletproof’ as it will indirectly help the health to improve. Considered as a health boosting tool, the product is easy-to-use and very simple. So, let’s have a look at the product to find out whether it is really worth the money or not.

Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – The Pricing

Generally, for the Zen-Tech™ film varies from $19.95 – $39.95 and the price depends on the different size of screen protective film.

Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – The Standard Features

The standout features of Zen Tech Blue Blocking Screen Protector are as follows:

  • Blue light wavelength
  • Zen Tech slabs at least 28% of blue light and at least 84% of ultraviolet light
  • Does not change screen colour
  • Keeps the natural images on your screen
  • Fully transparent and no yellowish images

Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – The Health Benefits

Typically, the blue color of the screen protector has the main influence on changing the natural circadian rhythm contrasted to all the other protectors such as green and red. The probable drawbacks of the blue light exposure at nighttime on diverse systems in the bodies are being researched. Nevertheless, it is clear to us that how the quality of sleep is influenced in a negative way.

In case of struggling to get a night’s rest and wake up with full of energy. A simple sleep biohacker might be minimizing the detrimental effects of working late hours. So, the blue blocking screen protector improves the health and has the following positive effects on health –

  • It develops the sleep quality
  • It protects the eyes by dropping the blue light from LED displays
  • You feel rejuvenated in the morning
  • Easy-to-install and it will Protect your screen

Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – How does it work?

When you decide to go to bed for sleeping, you have to neglect bright lights and you can also dim the office light if you work late hours. In the meantime, you will use ZenTech™ on all the devices to protect yourself from unnecessary blue light rays. These blue light rays can affect you badly as five minutes of them can shut off the melatonin production for four hours. Ultimately, you sleep quality will be affected badly.

Zen Tech Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector – Some Important Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some important ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that every user must know before using Zen Tech.

What is a ZenTech™?

It decreases the level of blue light rays that emits from your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. If you are exposed to a severe level of blue light, then you might endanger your sleep quality, and thus, you won’t fall asleep.

Can I keep Zen Tech™ on my device during the day?

Yes! It is a double screen protector with a high level of transparent element. Therefore, you can definitely keep it for a permanent use and also, you can remove or reapply at any time.

Is Zen Tech™ washable and reusable?

Yes! It is washable and reusable.

Can I install Zen Tech™ on top of a regular screen protector?

No! It is recommended to remove any existing screen protector before using or installing the Zen Tech™ into a device.

Bottom Line

Zen Tech is a quality product with great health benefits. It is worth the money as your health will be passively improved by protecting from the blue light rays. So, don’t hesitate to invest money because the return will be greater than you imagine.

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