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About a service for technical support teams to get pertinent details on their browser and client’s browsers. Details include browser make and version, operating system and version, screen resolution and viewport, color depth, JavaScript availability, Flash availability and version, cookies availability, geo-location and social website status. gives relevant information to help support teams trouble shoot technical issues specific to a customer’s browser and it gives it all in one convenient place. You can read how helpful has been by reading user reviews posted below. Pricing and Details

  • Product Type: Browser Service
  • Websockets supported:Yes
  • Java version:Not installed
  • Website:
  • Price: Free

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Dolphin Browser is the best browser for android. if you have Kit-Kat still you can even view flash content in the browser using a old Flash. APK file. One of the few browsers that actually let you EXIT the app when your done and don’t run in the background wasting memory and space.


  • I would really like to get this app if only they lowered the price of it. I have been looking for an app that is a virtual desktop but I always find remote desktop apps. I really want this app. Please make AlwaysOnPC a free app of the day. That would be awesome!! Thanks.


  • I had this app on my iphone and it was great you can play runescape and other Java games that require the applet to run, way worth the money!

Negative Experiences

  • what was I thinking…that the app would work on my wireless Craig 7 inch tablet.( powered by android) Getting to one webpage to another was extremly slow. I thought it was powered by snails. It was hard to adjust the size of the screen.


  • My kindle fire barely has anything on it, so it’s not overloaded. I can’t get this app to do anything. It freezes up. It won’t track properly. It’s awful. How do I get money back from a bad app.


  • I’m very disappointed that I can’t download this to my device but I purchased it anyway in case it changes.
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