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About XOO Belts

The XOO Belt is a stylish gadget that doubles as a mobile power source for you electronic devices. XOO Belt is made of lithium ceramic polymer cells, so its batteries are completely safe even if you damage them accidently. With XOO Belt, there is no complicated set up and the battery is completely hidden between the belt leather. The XOO Belt is able to transfer its entire charge in approximately 3 hours. With a hidden charge cable and USB output port, this charge just about anything in a very cool fashion.

The XOO Belt provides you with extra battery life on the days that you need it, plus the ones that you don’t. What could be more convenient than something that you wear every day? Before you consider investing in such a battery extender, be sure thoroughly read all of the user reviews. Here at Revyolo.com  we want you to be completely satisfied with your potential purpose. Hopefully this article has provided transparency on the issue at hand.

XOO Belts Pricing/Details

  • Webaite : xoo.co/
  • Price : $130(Simple & smart. The Classic belt comes with an understated polished zinc buckle and a choice of black or brown full-grain tanned leather straps.), $160(A collection designed by the Casely-Hayford fashion house. A choice of smart or casual buckles matched to a drum-dyed vegetable-tanned Italian leather strap.)
  • Shiping Charges

         – Free for: Anyone in USA, Canada, EU, Norway and Switzerland.

         – $15 for: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan & Thailand.

$40 for: Everyone else.

  • Color : Black, Brown
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Style: Casual, Smart
  • The buckle: 39mm x 86mm x 18mm
  • The belt: 35mm x 4mm-2mm

Decide for yourself if the XOO Belts is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experience

  • It is effective will be quite straightforward. Set within the belt are usually half a dozen layers connected with adaptable battery pack for a base electric power of 1, 300mAh. Just about every buckle keeps 800mAh, for a total connected with 2,100mAh kept electric power when you are donning this Xoo Belt. Really nice works!!!!
  • The idea of wearing my power is interesting. I carry a 6000-mAh battery pack by Jackery everywhere I go, but it’s a little bulky and cumbersome. It’s really nice to charge my phone and it takes about 3-4 hours to charge up the belt fully. I appreciate it that you need not to carry any another batteries source as a charger. Highly Recommended


  • This is so geeky but when you hit that dreaded 20% battery mark, you’ll be glad to have a battery on your hip. This reminds me of the Everpurse, a purse with a built-in charger.

Negative Experience

  • Always I am so curious about new product and new style. At first I liked this xoo belt to my phone charger and look great. I was happy to use this belt first 2 week but after that the batteries slow down. It can’t stable for more time to service my Android. Don’t buy this product. Now I am using another potable charger.


  • Curious how much safer a ceramic polymer battery is vs. a conventional lithium ion battery. I’ve had unpleasant experiences before with external batteries malfunctioning and would not one that close to my important parts!


  • I was just about to go drop some “cash” looking for this item. Till I saw the price! Not too realistic! Hope the copycats release a cheaper version. I don’t have to deal with it. I just won’t buy another item I do not need. I already have more powerful chargers I bought at more reasonable prices.
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