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xHose Pro 50'
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About xHose Pro 50′ “As Seen on TV”

DAP XHose Pro 50 is a lightweight garden hose made popular by its presence as an as seen on TV product. Due to its inherent ability to expand to nearly twice its original size, hose storage is a thing of the past. DAP XHose Pro is tangle proof and an excellent choice for any garden project; large or small. It is crafted from durable materials and made with brass exterior fittings. The inner diameter is a full three-quarter inches which allows for more powerful sprays and overall function.

DAP XHose Pro 50 is quite different from any hose that one would traditionally see on the market. Due to this fact, it is important to read the user reviews and understand how this product works. DAP XHose Pro hose expands when the water is turned on and contracts back to its original size when the water is off. This makes it an excellent choice for senior citizen because of its lighter weight. Remember to not take our word for, but to research this product yourself.

xHose Pro 50′ Pricing and Details

  •  Dimensions: 50.0 ‘ D x 1.0 ” W x 1.0 ” H
  •  Price: $49.95
  • Hose Diameter: 5/8″ Diameter
  •  Weight: 1.5 Lb.
  •  Assembly Details: no assembly required
  •  Protective Qualities: Weather-resistant, Leakproof, Break Resistant
  • Website: www.asseenontv.com

Decide for yourself if the xHose Pro 50′ is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I bought this hose for outside cleaning and other things. I have to have a pool cover pump on my pool cover for when rain needs to be drained. I hooked it up to the pump and pumped 1 foot of water quick. I also used it to clean the deck and it worked great but it is still not as powerful as a pressure washing hose. I hope that this product will last long and that it will give me years of outstanding performance.


  •  This is by far the best of these type of hoses. It’s not perfect it is very good. Yes, I have tried several of the other hoses of this type.


  •  I’ve been using this nose for more than 2 months, almost daily, and couldn’t be happier. As a woman in her 60’s, I struggled to lug around a traditional hose, much less try to rewind it after each use. This one is so light and manageable I no longer dread watering my 30 + flower pots. I was warned by the salesperson to always use a nozzle and to be sure to turn the water off at the tap first and letting the water finish flowing before turning off the nozzle and I wouldn’t have any problems. I think the people who are experiencing the hose bursting are letting it fill up with water without releasing it. I would like to buy another of these hoses if only they would go on sale!


  • I thought this was the most amazing hose ever until it sprung a leak one week later and I had to return it.


  • Don’t buy this hose if you plan on leaving it outside. It’s good for light stuff but you have to put it away after you use it. it easily bursts if left in the hot sun or leaks if it snags on a thorn. good idea but unreliable product. slighty better quality compared to the pocket hose but still not good for daily use.


  • Had my X Hose for 3 months or so and it split at the seam!!! This is the worst type of hose I have ever used. I bought it for it light weight and ease of retracting BUT it breaks easily…..the material it is made of is inferior. Don’t get sucked in by fancy commercials, they do not tell the truth…


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