Wraptastic Deluxe – As Seen on TV [REVIEWS]

Wraptastic Deluxe - As Seen on TV
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About Wraptastic Deluxe – As Seen on TV

Wraptastic is a product of As Seen on TV. It’s an elegant dispenser that simply makes the wrapping work easy. With this product, you can wrap foods easily. In order to use this product, you have to load the plastic wrap and wax the paper or foil. After that, you will just pull, press and wrap your food. In addition to this simple usability, this product will not waste as you will be to cut the plastic properly.

Quick Details about Wraptastic Deluxe

  1. Wraptastic has hidden sharp cutting blade, which is recessed for safety.
  2. The non-slip rubber gripper feet will hold the Wraptastic strongly.
  3. You can roll Wraptastic up to 200 feet.
  4. It comes in a convenient size and it is also dishwasher safe.
  5. It comprises of two Wraptastic’s, 25 feet roll of aluminum foil and 50 feet roll of plastic foil.
  6. It is easy-to-store and the operation of the product is simple.

Pricing and Return Policy of Wraptastic Deluxe

Wraptastic Deluxe will cost you a small sum of $7.95 from the Manufacturer or $5.99 on Amazon.com. In case, a customer is unhappy with an item, he or she can return the item for an exchange or get a refund within 30 days of delivery date.

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What do other customers have to say about?

Customers have mixed reactions towards Wraptastic Deluxe. It has received a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. Some customers have said Wow! It is a great product! On the other hand, some have pointed their dismay while saying that it was not worth spending money on this product. Mostly, the product has received the following criticisms –

  • It doesn’t work as it promised in the advertisement.
  • It doesn’t cut well and people have found it hard to get the foil and plastic started.

Wraptastic Deluxe PROS and CONS:


  • You can easily wrap foods because it works fast.
  • It has a remarkable dispenser that will hold the foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper tightly.
  • You can keep the foil organized and you can also keep the food tidy within the dispenser.
  • During the cutting procedure, a hidden stainless steel blade will safeguard your fingers.
  • There is a hidden stainless steel cutting blade that will protect your fingers during the cutting process.


  • The product has a poor-quality cutting performance.
  • The build and construction of the Wraptastic Deluxe are downgraded.
  • Doesn’t stay put while cutting despite the grippy rubber suction feet.

Bottom Line – Should you buy it?

So, the bottom line is we are suggesting you to give this product ‘a try.’ Despite the criticisms, you will still get good service from this product. Also, remember that it doesn’t cost you huge sums of money. Plus, it is one of those products which will not upgrade your wrapping work, but it will surely lend you a hand in emergency situations.

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