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About Workflow App

Workflow is a unique app that utilizes various different tools that allow you streamline your iPhone. Workflow has a very intuitive interface and is easy to learn even if you don’t have much automation experience. You don’t need to have prior knowledge of programs like Python, because Workflow has a custom iOS framework that does that arbitrary basic tasks for you. This makes it ideal for any level of user.

Workflow allows you to do things like make PDF’s from any app with share sheets, or even GPS function like directions to movie theaters in town. This application is one of the most popular iPhone utilitarian applications out to date. Just remember, before considering any investment in buy the Workflow app, be sure to thoroughly read the app’s user reviews.

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Decide for yourself if the Workflow App is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • A wonderful app you must have and try on your iOS device. You can make workflows by constructing logical blocks of actions, like an algorithm but easily because the app it’s intuitive and versatile, so you can power up your iPhone or iPad in too many ways. If you ever had a Mac, you maybe know Automator; well, this app works like that. I appreciate the efforts of developers, updating and bringing more actions and more apps compatibility..


  • Workflow is still great though. I have ones to easily share multiple dropbox files, download youtube videos, view a cached version of a website, download videos, bulk download images, save my clipboard to simplenote and pick a random spot for lunch.


  • This app does things that shouldn’t be possible. Amaze your friends and yourself with the things you can automate using this app, without needing to learn about URL schemes or coding language. Brilliant app.

Negative Experiences

  • I have dabbled around with IFTTT over the course of the past year, but cannot stand how IFTTT routes all of your information and actions through the Internet, essentially storing a copy on their servers. From what I can tell workFlow doesn’t work that way, essentially keeping my information secure and on my device. I’m looking forward to more automation options to show up in the gallery in the near future.


  • The app excels at cutting down the number of steps it would normally take to schedule an appointment or delete a handful of screenshots, but its usefulness extends beyond merely limiting your taps and swipes. In some cases, Workflow is actually able to add functionality that isn’t there. I’ve always been frustrated by the inability of most text editors to count the number of words in a selection.


  • It’s a bit frustrating not to be able to sync your workflows over iCloud, but each version offers unique benefits. On the iPhone 6, it helps bring back some of the one-handed operation lost with the larger screen, and on the iPad, the extra space gives some workflows a multitasking feel.


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