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OneClick Win cleaner
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OneClick Win cleaner

OneClick Win cleaner

Wincleaner One Click PC Cleaner

What is the WinCleaner – One click PC cleaner?

WinCleaner is The Ultimate Pc Cleaner Kit with “OneClick PC” cleaner technology that works on all PCs. The Ultimate Pc Cleaner Kit by OneClick can clear your system and save the day literally save you a whole day of struggle. Just Imagine your Computer – Smoother, Faster, and Care-Free. No longer our computers just a tool – it’s a part of our life! Our computers hold most of our lives’ memories & work. All of your social network connections, bank connections, photos and music is used through our computers these days. You cannot take a risk trusting just any PC maintenance product that is advertised out there. 14 years of research and millions of PCs cleaned, WinCleaner is the most trusted and guaranteed name in PC maintenance software. WinCleaner “OneClick PC” Registry Cleaner and Optimizer technology fix problems and clears all debilitating clutter to get your PC back into top shape and perform like new. After running the WinCleaner OneClick you will notice improvement of your PC’s startup times, repaired registry problems, and your computer is back to its optimal speed and performance. With built in U.S. Department of Defense Standard file shredding and destroying, it also provides additional peace of mind, by ensuring that all Internet images and PC clutter that is cleaned, is permanently wiped so no one can undelete it ever again. Here are 5 simple ways WinCleaner OneClick makes your PC more productive and up to date.

  • Your privacy is protected
  • Restored Power and Stability
  • Accelerated System Startup times
  • Improved overall PC performance
  • Valuable hard drive space is recovered

No more trouble and hassle with taking your PC to a costly technician ,with WinCleaner you can have a Fast and Trouble-Free PC without hurting your wallet. WinCleaner OneClick maintains your computer performance automatically with just one click.

Product Details:

  • Type: USB
  • Measurements: 1″L x 0.5″D x 1″H
  • Protection Type: PC/Laptop
  • Disk Space Required: 5mb
  • Price: $19.99
  • Services: 1pc for 12monhs
  • System Requires: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP


WinCleaner OneClick Features/Benefits:

  • Starts windows faster and smoother.
  • Enjoy better internet browsing.
  • 14 years of research and development
  • Speeds up your slow computer with one click.
  • Rids performance-sapping Internet and PC clutter.
  • Repairs Windows registry problems that cause errors and slow down your PC.
  • Returns your PC to optimal performance.
  • Removes all clutter as it cleans to ensure your privacy.
  • Accelerates system startup times.
  • Recovers valuable hard-drive space.
  • Won’t harm your computer or personal files.
  • Intelligent Startup Optimizer speeds startup times and overall performance.

Decide for yourself if the WinCleaner is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Read the reviews about 5-6 different PC tune up type programs and decided on this one. It was a good decision. My system is much faster than at anytime previous when I used Norton System Works. I would recommend this software.
  • WinCleaner OneClick does exactly what it says! I bought this product because my computer was really slow and was freezing up on me. I didn’t want software that was too complicated, just something to get it running like it should. I found a goldmine in my first purchase! I’m not that computer savvy, but this product is easy to use and keeps my computer running fast and smooth. It installed within minutes (I was expecting at least half an hour) and I got back to using my computer in no time! My desktop comes up in no time when I turn my machine on and I am so happy with it – I tell all my friends and anyone with a computer that they should invest in this product. It’s also a great gift idea!
  • Works great and is a super value. It helps keep the computer working in tip top shape. I’m very pleased

Negative Experiences

  • WinCleaner One Click Cleanup has no Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser tools to remove unwanted toolbars or fix search engine redirects.
  • WinCleaner One Click Cleanup has no clear error fix guarantee posted on their website, other than offering a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • WinCleaner One Click Cleanup only offers support through email and an online help desk system. They don’t list their hours for support, how long on average it takes to receive a response and the phone number on their website is only for ordering the software and not for support.
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