Wicked Good Cupcakes [Reviews] As Seen on Shark Tank

wicked good cupcakes
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About Wicked Good Cupcakes -As Seen on Shark Tank

Wicked good cupcakes, as seen on shark tank, is a great way to spread edible joy to someone, whether its for yourself or for someone’s birthday, or any special day, its perfect to show someone they are thought about. The mother and daughter team came up with this wonderful concept of keeping cupcakes fresh for up to ten days! Not only will the recipients of the cupcake get a decorative jar, but it can be used for many uses long after the cupcakes are eaten. Its good that your given choices as to how you want the cupcakes and jars decorated; because it gives a personalized touch to the person receiving the gift. Wicked good cupcakes are great for family members who live far away, or close friends that you want to give an edible treat to! Make someone smile, and give someone a cute cupcake personalized just for them.

If you like cupcakes, or if you have friends or family members that like cupcakes, than sending them Wicked good cupcakes is the perfect treat for them. This yummy product was featured on Shark tank, and has been, and continues to put smiles on people’s faces. These tasty treats, are available in gluten-free, so you can meet anyone’s needs and flavors they want. Lasting up to ten days in the jars, Wicked good cupcakes can be enjoyed for as long as you want them to. If your still hesitant about this product, make sure your aware of all the facts and the ingredient of the product before making any decisions. Enjoy!

Product Details

Product Name Details Price
Valentine’s 2/4/6 pack Create your own pack. Choose the flavors you want including our Valentine’s Flavors $14.95 – $42.95
Custom 2/4/6 pack Create your own pack. Choose the flavors you want $14.95 – $42.95
Wicked good 4/6 pack Contains 4/6 of most popular flavors $28.95 – $42.95
Chocolate lovers 4/6 pack Contains 4/6 of chocolate favorites $28.95 – $42.95
Gluten free custom 2/4/6 pack Create your own pack. Choose the flavors you want $16.95 – $48.95
Custom brownie 2/4/6 pack Create your own pack. Choose the flavors you want $15.95 – $45.95
Combo 4/6 pack Create your own pack. Mix cupcakes, brownies and pies $28.95 – $42.95
Website: www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com
Phone: 781-923-1369
General Inquiries: info@wickedgoodcupcakes.com
For orders placed online: customerservice@wickedgoodcupcakes.com

Decide for yourself if the Wicked Good Cupcakes is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Cupcakes to go in a jar, clever idea and delicious at the same A great gift idea that can be shipped anywhere. The jars are filled with cake, frosting and filling and stay fresh up to ten days without refrigeration. They also have gluten-free Cupcakes in a Jar. A new product is their Brownies in a Jar which is spectacular.
  • A friend of mine sent me Wicked Good Cupcakes for my birthday. We had both seen them on Shark Tank and had chatted about them so she sent me a box.I was actually surprised by how good they were. I received a chocolate lab, yummy and a salted caramel equally yummy.

Negative Experiences

  • I saw shark tank and got excited about the product of cupcakes in a jar! When I got my shipment I assumed they would be fresh by the price I paid. Silly me. Most of them were dry. When I invest in a cupcake I want a moist cupcake.
  • A little hard to eat though. The plastic spoons which they include don’t push through that dense cake very well.I wasn’t impressed with the packaging. It appeared cheap. The Styrofoam packaging was broken and the labels were not well adhered to the glass and were crooked.
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2 Reviews

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