Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars (Robert Brand) [REVIEWS]

Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars (Robert Brand)
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About Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars by Robert Brand

As a professional in the real estate business, you might be looking to learn more about risk management and disclosure. Robert Brand may be the person to teach you. He has a reputation for these subjects, especially red flags disclosure. His seminars focus on these subjects. Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars will give you tips and techniques to help you take your risks into your own hands and deal with litigation, transactions, and clients wishing to purchase a home or sell.

Quick Insights on Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars

Robert Brand’s seminars specialize in teaching people about avoiding going to court by applying his seven principles. These principles are for how to give and what information to give, to clients about the state of their property or the homes that they are looking to buy. He has a unique perspective on this topic as he used to inspect homes. From him, you’ll be getting that experience and knowledge gained from home inspection, construction, and law. And the information is tailored to help the real estate professional.

Pricing for Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars (Robert Brand)

Prices vary due to venue and seminar. You can inquire about upcoming seminars by filling out an online form (contact information below).

Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars Contact INFO:

  • Phone: (760) 752-7754
  • Fax: (760) 752-7776
  • Website:disclosureinfo.com

What are people saying about Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars by Robert Brand?

In the real estate community, Robert Brand is liked and respected. People know him from his seminars and his articles on REALTOR magazine. The word is that Mr. Brand has a great sense of humor, so his seminars are not dry and boring. People have said his seminars go more in depth on the topics discussed, such as red flag disclosures and litigation, than most other speakers.

PROS and CONS of Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars:


  • When you attend a Robert Brand seminar, you’ll get in depth information.
  • The seminars offer information from an experienced and respected individual.
  • You can expect to walk away from one of his seminars with some professional tips on disclosure techniques.


  • While Brand was more popular some odd years ago, there is less activity on his part in recent years.
  • While he is an expert, it could be a good idea to find a seminar with some up to date information. A speaker who has seen shifts in the field or has new information to share.

Bottom Line on Western Pacific Real Estate Seminars

The bottom line here is, no real estate agent wants to end up in court right? You could reduce that risk by learning from Robert Brand. If he’s in your area, hit up one of seminars and perhaps you can walk away not only more capable of managing all those risks you take, but worrying a little less about the risk of getting served.

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