WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit [REVIEWS] As Seen on TV

WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit
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About WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit – As Seen on TV

WaxVac is an ear cleaner product that is introduced by the WaxVac brand. It will clean the dirt and particles from the ear safely and efficiently. Ultimately, you ears will be dry. In order to use this product, you have to attach the Wax Vac silicone tip and then put it in the ears. The main USP (Unique Selling Point) of this WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit is ‘safe and gentle suction.’ Generally, people use cotton swabs to get rid of the dirt, but the makers of this product claim that it is a safer and efficient product than those things.

Quick Details about WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit

  • WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit has a safe and gentle suction system that gets rid of the dirt and particles.
  • It comes with an examining light that will help you to locate where the Wax Vac is inserted.
  • You can easily assemble the WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit for complete cleaning of your ears.
  • It is equipped with a safety guard for stopping the tip to enter in the deeper areas of your ears.
  • It contains eight reusable silicone tips, which will allow a continued use.
  • There is also a cleaning brush for proper cleaning of the WaxVac.
  • To operate the WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit, you have to use two ‘AA’ batteries.
  • The WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit has several small parts and you have to keep it away from small children.

Does WaxVac really work?

Now, a lot of people have enquired about this WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit by asking – Does it really work? Most of those were disappointed to know that this product is not capable of working perfectly. This fact was proven right when the British Researchers conducted a test between Wax Vac and Jobson-Home Probe. The test revealed an underwhelming result for Wax Vac as it was unable to serve the patients properly. So, this product does not perform as it is promised in the advertisement.

Pricing & Refund Policy WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit

If any customer is in discomfort with this WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit, he or she can return it for an identical piece. Also, the company has a refund policy that states – the customer will get a refund within 30 days of receiving the purchase order. Keep in mind that, to get the refund policy, you must meet the terms and conditions.

You can find it on Amazon.com >HERE<

What do other consumers have to say about?

When asked to give a review about WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit, almost all the customers have not responded in a positive tone. They have multiple complaints about this product and some even suggested that no should use it. Here are things that customers complained a lot –

  • The WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit has functionality problem meaning that it doesn’t work properly.
  • It was incapable of clearing the dirt of the ear.
  • The vacuum of the WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit is not effective and poses danger to the ears.
  • This product has poor power function and it can’t dry the ears as well.


  • It is easy to use and it will take only three minutes to prepare it.
  • It has simple assembly process with a few steps.
  • You can easily attach the silicone tip and insert it in the ear. 


In our opinion, the company had a great idea about the product, but they completely failed while making it. The functionality of the WaxVac Ear Wax Removal Kit is downgraded and the vacuum suction is not up to the mark. You can’t get rid of the dirt while using it because the examining light is sufficient to locate the wax. Simply, it has more flaws than advantages.

What’s the Bottom line – Should you buy it?

Our final recommendation regarding the product would be thumbs down. There are lot to think about before using it. Also, we are certain that doctors wouldn’t approve the use of suction on the ear canal because it is too risky. Instead of using Wax Vac, you should be better off using other ear wax removal products!

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