Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer As Seen on “I Want That” Reviews

Waring Fryer/Steamer
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Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryersteamer

About Waring Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer

Chicken can be your next meal in only an hour with the Waring Pro® Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer. Featured on DIY network TV show “I Want That”, this steamer will change the game in the kitchen. Just imagine on Thanksgiving, preparing the meal will never be the same. With this product you can make all of your favorite foods such as french fries, onion rings, chicken wings and more. Enjoy cooking foods the right way, and never make a sloppy mess again. Waring Pro® Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer can hold up to 18lbs and prepare you and your family a meal they deserve and will remember.

No more meals, especially chicken that is dried out, and hard for dinner. From now on, cook using your new Waring Pro® Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer. This product will truly amaze you when you prepare a meal for your family or friends. Keeping your food soaked in the natural juices while its being made, the end result of your food will possibly make your mouth water for more. If you cook a loft of food on a daily basis, and need assistance we highly recommend the Waring Pro® Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer!

Pricing and Details

  • Contact No: 1-800-492-7464
  • Thermometer included
  • Limited Five Year Motor Warranty
  • 1800-watt heating element
  • Website: www.waringpro.com
  • Price :$249
  • You can find it on Amazon.com >HERE<

Decide for yourself if the Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I bought this for my husband because I just love the fried turkeys for the holidays. And now we can use this for steamed veggies, etc. It works well and is much safer than the old style. Cleans up super easy too. I can also store this in my kitchen or pantry
  • My husband has used the fryer to make three turkeys and French fries it works great. The turkey is very tender. We did use it in our garage as it does have quite the smell of frying food. Clean up was very easy
  • i have fried turkey several times with other fryer and it was great. this is even better, loved it. fryer is heavy duty and works great.

Negative Experiences 

  • I bought this fryer in November, used it on December 1st and that was the end of it. It started smoking after I took out the turkey and drained the oil and started to fry fish it almost caught fire. I just have this big oversized fryer sitting in my apartment useless!!
  • I bought this item last year thanksgiving and the control panel has been replaced two times already when tyou call for assistance you just keep getting the run around
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