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VisualCV is a formatting tool that sparks up your resume, so that it is more appealing, and interesting for the business, or company that you are trying to work at. Interviews can be nerve racking, and oftentimes people worry if their resume is good enough. Worry no more, because VisualCV resumes will better your changes at that job that you are seeking, and set yourself apart from the average, traditional, and sometimes boring, resumes that look alike. Make a resume that defines you, and what you’ve done in the past to make employers want you! Try it today, and see all the great features it has to offer for you and your future.

This amazing website will give you the shot you deserve at that job, because your resume will stand out from the rest. Ideal for college students about to graduate or just beginning, or people that are in search of a job, and need an improvement, and a boost on their old resume. Let VisualCV help you, in making your future brighter, and landing you that job that you always wanted. Find Out how VisualCV works, by visiting the website, and seeing if its something you would consider! Start working faster, with Visual CV. Details

  • Product Type: Online Resume Builder
  • Mission: To replace the traditional resume!
  • Language: English Only
  • Website:
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Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I love the ability to import from an existing word or pdf. Very intuitive UI and make an awesome resume in a few minutes. The best resume builder I’ve found online. Very nice looking templates, and I love the ability to add a portfolio to my resume (while still having the ability to export in PDF format).
  • Very user-friendly way to create a professional resume in a few minutes. Exactly as advertised. Modern, efficient, and even fun to use. Made it easy to create a resume and export it to PDF. Really like the design options and the ability to add portfolio items. VisualCV is great! Easy to use interface and really nice designs. The analytics are very handy as well.
  • Really liking VisualCV – lots of designs to choose from, and they are by far the best I’ve seen. 5 stars hands down – get on this train! If you’re eager to stand out from the crowd, I strongly recommend that you use this intuitive new system. Create a CV quickly and easily.

Negative Experiences

  • It sucks. might be nice if it would let me pass the sign up page. it asked for my first, last name and email address but after i enter them and hit sign up it says i need to fill out the form completely. well i dont know how i could NOT have it filled in, its only three things.bummer
  • Awkward editing features. Might work for someone who is looking for creative jobs. The resume didn’t professional when I exported it to PDF. I shared the link on Facebook which unlocked a “premium” resume which wasn’t of my choosing. The one that unlocked was a downgrade from the free one available on their site. Maybe the positive resumes are coming from people who bought the product. The free product is pretty limiting.
  • This app is painfully slow and LinkedIn integration is broken. The final result may end up great, but I wouldn’t know because this is pretty much unuseable.


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