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Villy Customs Bikes
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About Villy Customs Bikes

Villy Customs is a company that manufactures and sells custom beach cruiser bicycles. Aside from the affordability of these bikes, Villy Customs has its own website that allows you to personalize your design from your computer without ever leaving your house. Villy Customs was a successful featured company on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Biking is a fun, healthy activity that the entire family can enjoy. Villy Customs allows you to express your style and personality though their custom bicycles.

Cycling openings up a world of possibilities in the journeys that you can take, the people you can meet, and the experiences that you can share. Best of all, anyone can do it! Villy Customs gives all of this to you in the form of an affordable high quality bike. Just remember, before investing in a new hobby, be sure to thoroughly read the Villy Customs reviews. Be happy, healthy and most importantly: Have fun!

 Villy Customs Bikes Pricing/Details

  • Product Type: Custom Cruiser Bikes and accessories
  • Price: $599.00 – $899.00
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (214) 596-8420

Decide for yourself if the Villy Customs Bikes is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • A delicious array of comfort cruiser bikes in candy colors awaits cyclists seeking unique urban adventures on two wheels. Beautiful rides are all one-of-a-kind, with jewel-toned tires, pin-striped frames and fenders, fun and sometimes fuzzy patterned seat covers, and eye-catching accessories all designed to meet the owner’s specs once ordered (thus the “custom”). I first stopped by this breezy boutique just 10 minutes before closing time to check out brilliant programmable LED MonkeyLights — bling for night riding. Though I offered to return the next day for installation, owner Fleetwood said he wouldn’t close ’til I was satisfied, pedaling my bike to my place after he completed the job an hour later. Great looking, easy riding, and wonderful service.


  • My villy’s Custom Bike is the envy of our neighborhood! We added a front carrying baby seat so my son can ride with me and we get compliments everywhere we go. The bike is gorgeous, customized to my character and of the highest quality. I love my bike and we will be buying more in the near future for my husband and son.


  • Villy customs is one of the best bike shops I’ve ever been in.  They pay special attention to each person who comes in, and they design every bike to fit each personality.  They also stand behind their products – I love my bike, and can’t ride it enough.  Two Thumbs Up!!!

Negative Experiences

  • Overall, I found the transparency between business and customer to be your biggest flaw.  Plain and simple, Villy failed to manage expectations when it came to manufacturing time. The gesture to provide supplemental products in an effort to raise client satisfaction was thoughtful but never fulfilled.  Anyways, the bike rides great and I found Villy’s black sharpie marker “trick” to disguise imperfections in the black chain guard to be unique. As per the website, this could have fallen under immaterial damage due to shipping and I would’ve been fine with it but the fact that someone made a conscious decision to hide the defect annoyed me.


  • Very disappointed with my purchase. These bikes are not cheap-which was totally fine with me upon initial purchase-if only the product delivered actually was as special and unique as advertised.I had purchased two bikes with what I thought had some excellent attention to detail as they are considered “custom”; what I got were some overpriced cheaply made bikes with nice spray coloring.  Cheap details as in bike pedals, the seat and just overall feel.  Nothing felt luxe or special at all about these bikes. And it took over one month to ship so now it’s too late to do anything about it.


  • After seeing Villy Customs on Shark Tank I emailed about purchasing a custom bike for my business. After waiting over 2 weeks the design they sent was terrible to say the least and they wanted Almost 800.00 dollars ! I guess I got my hopes up WAY to high….Thanks but NO THANKS
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