Urbio Wall Garden [Reviews] As Seen on Shark Tank

Urbio Wall Garden
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About Urbio Wall Garden – As Seen on Shark Tank

The Urbio Wall Garden is a bold new home garden that gives your home a modern, organic and lush decoration. Traditional gardens can be too space consuming, but the Urbio Wall Garden has a vertical design that saves space and looks amazing. The wall mounted plates securely attach to your wall and are perfect for gardening or a stylish organization method. Once the plates are installed, plants attach using neodymium magnets that allow for easy removal for watering or rearranging without a mess.

The Urbio Wall Garden is a Shark Tank TV series featured product that has already attracted the attention of investors and consumers. You can read reviews of the Urbio Wall Garden below to determine if the urban wall garden is right for your home.

Urbio Wall Garden Pricing and Details

  • Wall Plates made out of 12 gauge powder-coated steel
  • Contains: 6 Wall Plates (with Brackets, Screws and Sheetrock Anchors); 1 Big Daddy; 1 String Bean; 1 Wide Mouth; 3 Shorty
  • Pods made out of lightweight polypropylene with neodymium magnets
  • The shorty vessel (the smallest flower pot) costs only $15 while the largest vessel, the Big Daddy cost’s $35.
  • Website: myurbio.com
  • Contact No: 510-899-9724

Decide for yourself if the Urbio Wall Garden is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Saw this on Shark Tank and loved the idea! Followed the instructions on the website but still felt the whole Installation process was more difficult than expected. The anchors broke couple of times during the process and thats prob why a few extra had come in the box… I use this to plant 6 kinds of indoor plants that purify your indoor air. And they have been growing healthily and fast!!! Very happy with the product after the installation!!!
  • this is a wonderful item to grow herbs on the fridge!!! please let me know as soon as the items will be sold separately..mainly the pots.. so i can start my herb garden. i would love to purchase the big family option, but right now i life i find it cost prohibitive. excellent product!!!!!
  • I first heard about Urbio from a design blog and thought the product was interesting, so I purchased a single pot (a Shorty) to use on my fridge. I was very pleased with the pot and purchased the Big Happy Family a week later. After having the Big Happy Family in my living room for two weeks I couldn’t be happier. The plants brighten up the room and I seem to smile every time I walk past! (and rearrange of course:)

Negative Experiences

  • These look nice and are a good idea however very poor execution. First of all the packaging shows clearly that it was originally designed for holding office supplies such as papers, pens, etc. I guess they didn’t sell well that so now they’re just switching what they claim they’re for. Worst of all the magnets are not strong enough to hold the weight of soil, water and a plant. Two containers have come crashing down so far. Good luck to the person who wants to use them on their head board.
  • I can’t install this out of 4 holes I have broken 4 anchors. The plastic used can’t hold up to a simple hand screw driver. the web site has no phone # so I can’t get help when I need it. If I can’t find better anchors at Lowes I will be returning this crap.
  • Brought 2 sets of the Urbio and spend over $350.00. Although it looks great for the short few mins it stayed on, the plants keep crashing down. I follow instructions and after the 3rd plant fell, i remove all the pumice and that did not help either. Magnets are just not strong enough! After a few house of cleaning and stressing if will set off my alarm system if it fell when i am not home, i decide to remove the entire system. Now i have to patch up the holes and re-paint. NOT worth the money and effort. Good for pens and pencils maybe but not as a planter. Very disappointed.
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