UniKey (All-in-one key) [Reviews]

Unikey (All-in-one key)
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About UniKey (All-in-one key) As Seen on Shark Tank

UniKey gives you convenience, style and security in one modern product. The lock installs into any door where keyed entry is needed and pairs with your iOS device to turn it into a wireless key. Simply keep the device on your person and touch the lock to open it. You can send electronic eKeys to family and friends so they can use their phone as a key as well, and receive notifications on lock activity and manage the lock and eKeys with the Kevo app.

The All-in-one Kevo UniKey is a secure wireless key for your home that makes security easier. UniKey got its start on the SharkTank TV show, and now you can find out how well the UniKey works by reading user reviews for the Kevo UniKey posted below.

Unikey Pricing and Details

  • Website:unikey.com
  • Price:$219
  • Contact No: (407) 434-1KEY (1539)
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 on select devices
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 3rd Gen+ iPad/iPad mini, 5th Gen iPod Touch
  • Includes 2 eKeys with free, unlimited Guest eKeys

Decide for yourself if the UniKey (All-in-one key) is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Cool Lock, Smart Functionality, With Bling
  • Received my Kevo last Friday just had the chance to install it yesterday. The overall installation was pretty easy and took about 20 minutes. We had a Kwikset lock on our side door so I was able to re-key this lock mechanically to the same key which was a bonus
  • Awesome product. VERY easy to set up. Very cool feedback, the touch and flashing lights make opening the door fun,Easy to use and understand.
  • Awesome, phenomenal product. Very cool.

Negative Experiences

  • Its bad about unikey that it has No customizable proximity limits,
  • No temporary, time-specific eKeys and No Wi-Fi remote access control.
  • I been using kevo for almost six months. My first one was defective which was replaced by kevo.
    There are bugs in the software.
    When it is cold the door won’t unlock or lock sometimes it won’t work even my phone is right a palm of my hand. The idea of working with nest is to me a joke it only prompts you to do it where hue bulbs can turn it to auto mode once the light goes off or you can schedule it. The developers should listen to customers we all asking to be able to lock or unlock remotely.
  • I bought this product to add to my smarthome with nest, wink, Zwave and other products only to find out the integration with nest is weak at best and it doesn’t play nice with wink like the previous versions of kevo. Very disappointed!! To add to the disappointment I found out after spending $200 and a Saturday morning installing it that I can only activate 2 ekeys before having to pay $2 for each additional one. Seriously?! Isn’t that one of the advantages of smart locks? Not having to deal with keys and that bs. I hope they fix some of these major misses with a software update because this truly has some good potential but was cut short with crappy software choices. This is the first app review I’ve ever wrote if that tell you how frustrated it made me…
    Please fix the software!!!!


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