Twin Draft Guard – As Seen on TV [Reviews]

Twin Draft Guard
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About Twin Draft Guard Insulating Device

Twin Draft Guard – As Seen on TV is a simple insulating foam tube covered in cloth designed to fit into your door casing which will help you to instantly insulate your windows and doors from loosing heat or cool inside your home. Twin Draft Guard can also serve to block out heat, cold, bad odors, or noise from the outdoors. The highlight of Twin Draft Guard is that it saves 12-15% percent on heating and utility bills year round. It’s easy to install and stays in place, while easily glides over all types of floors, linoleum, wood tile, and carpet. It can be used on interior and exterior doors of all types with a span up to 36”(3 feet) or if you need it to be shorter the removable foam tubes can be cut to custom fit for your needs.

Twin Draft Guard

Twin Draft Guard

Here at we provide you with real life user reviews and their experience with Twin Draft Guard insulating device. Before you fall for As Seen on TV “easy does it” infomercials, we would like you to read what customers say about Twin Draft Guard and how it worked for them. Just scroll down further on this page to read customer experiences with Twin Draft Guard.

Product Details

  • Price: $9.95
  • Product Weight (pounds): 0.57
  • In-Package Dimensions: 19.6 x 6 x 1.6 inches
  • Measures: 36″L x 5.25″W x 1.25″H
  • Easy to assemble cut tubes (if necessary) to fit your door or window, then attach the foam tubes with the included collars and drop the tubes into the cover and put into place
  • Material: Cover 35% cotton and 65% polyester, EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam tubes, Plastic connector: PP – JP
  • Durable cover which is machine washable
  • Use: Exterior and interior doors of all types

Decide for yourself if the Twin Draft Guard is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • I purchased this because there was about a quarter to a half inch of space under my apartment door and I wanted to keep out the draft as well as protect my home from mice and bugs. So I am so happy to of received this product. It does a great job in keeping just about anything out of my apartment. Air, Bugs and Mice cannot get in because of the snug fit.
  • I bought this item to help with a draft under the door between my kitchen and garage. There is no threshold at this door so I have about a 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. This little product works great in this situation. There was a noticeable difference in temperature in that corner during the cold months and I can see it helping to keep spiders and such out during warmer times.
  • This product is super easy to install – just like you see on TV. Works pretty well, too! I am giving it a 5 because for the price and the resulting energy savings, it is a great value.

Negative Experiences 

  • The idea is great and if they played with it a little and gave it a way to stick to the door. The product would do just like it says.
  • Doesn’t fit my door correctly at all. Don’t like this product. This product is made of poor quality material.
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