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About TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo is an absolute must have for everyone! The teeny device has the ability to track your admired items whenever you have lost them or if your out of range with them. If your item is lost, than the tracker network through your smart phone will help you find it. Just imagine, leaving a mall, and you can’t seem to find your car keys. They way the TrackR Bravo works is that it’ll signal and alarm you when you are no longer in reach of your item. This pretty cool product is highly beneficial to you and your belongings, and can save you a headache. Go exactly to the same spot where you accidentally left your valuable item, and recover it with a sigh of relief. Get it today!

Never lose your personal, and valuable items again with the TrackR Bravo. If you happen to misplace something, let the TrackR Bravo do you all the hard work, using a GPS system that finds your lost items quickly. This product is great for all ages, busy parents, seniors, teenagers, and college students. We all lose things here and there, and its hard to retrace your steps and figure out and keep track of where everything is all the time. Available for all devices, like Iphone, Android, or Ipad, the TrackR Bravo is right at your finger tips and right by your side at all times. Purchase the TrackR Bravo, and never lose anything again!

The TrackR Bravo Details

  • Diameter: 31 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Battery Life: 1 year
Packages Price
One device pack $29
Two device pack $49.95
Buy 4 and get 4 free $99.95
  •  Battery type: Replaceable CR1616 Battery
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 ( Bluetooth low energy )
  • Website:
  • Origin: USA

Decide for yourself if the TrackR Bravo is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’ve never been a big fan of these Bluetooth trackers. I previously tried the Kensington Proximo and found it less than useful especially when the app would crash and send the key fob into a tirade. This device is a little smarter. It won’t go off when the app quits or crashes, and it feels like a little more thought went into its design. The manufacturer says the battery should last well over a year or two. I haven’t turned it off since it arrived a few days ago and the battery is still reporting 100% remaining. I also like how it has a ‘crowd sourcing’ mode where friends can be enlisted to help you find your lost item in a more systematic way.
  • The device itself is a little large. But it’s thin enough to fit into a wallet. The range of its Bluetooth radio was better than expected and the app does not provide directional clues as to its location. But it’s easy enough to hit the alarm button to have it start beeping. Unfortunately the Track could not make my phone beep as indicated in the marketing. These devices have limited utility for me. But if you’re in need of something like this the Track is the better than anyone.
  • I have only tested the device find feature. I don’t need or use the alarm that sounds if the device is more than 100 yards or whatever from the phone.
    The phone can make the keys sound the alarm and the key device can make the phone ring, so I can find either if I have the other. The alarm is loud enough for me as long as the lost item is on the same floor. The app is simple and clear.

 Negative Experiences

  • I’ll try to just go through this feature-by-feature. My phone’s screen would briefly display the ringer volume, oddly enough, but no sound was involved. The best I can tell, this is just Bluetooth signal strength. So it’ll sort lead you to the device, if you like feeling like you’re dowsing. A map of where your items are located: not even. This can only track devices that are Bluetooth-linked, so when you’re out of Bluetooth range, poof, it’s gone. And the map isn’t detailed enough to be useful, so either the dot of your device is located in the same quarter-mile grid square you are, or it’s gone entirely. Distance alert is so in theory, you can set the device to beep if it goes out of range of your phone.
  • The device is basically a way to track items by using your Apple or Android device. It comes with a key loop that you can use to attach to the device you want found. The item is rather thin so you can fit inside our wallet, or put in a key ring. I’m currently running a Samsung Note 3. I think a sadist made this battery holder, I found them popping out before I can put them in the device. I know they were looking to make it thin, but it’s hard to put back into the case. I followed the instructions and it worked the first time then 2 minutes later it stopped working. The first problem is the App is not listed on my device. I had to look in my Google Play account to see my history of downloads. The next problem is, I deleted the device off the app and did again the instructions. It finds it and lists it but cannot connect when I’m right next to the trackR. The other problem came that it would cause my phone to start doing a notification tone, and nothing was showing up in my notification bar as to what this sound was. I hadn’t heard it before so I’m assuming it’s the device. Once I deleted it then the notification tones stopped. It still has not been able to pair with the device. I’ve also looked at responses from angry and frustrated patrons for this device on Google Play.
  • I was one of the crowd source funders who bought this before the first one shipped. After it arrived 6 months late, it didn’t work with my iPhone 5. When the app goes into the background it silently disconnects all contact with the device, with no notification from the app or the device, becoming useless. I spoke to support and said the problem was in the design of Apple’s iOS 6, which was the most recent version of iOS at that time. But they sold the product anyway knowing this! They said it was because iOS 6 didn’t have the needed infrastructure and that iOS 7 would solve it when it is eventually released. After iOS7 came out, I download their all-new app, designed for iOS 7, to my all new iPhone 5S and the result is still showing same problem. The complaints about this problem are a mile long in the app store and on their support site. This experience taught me to never crowd fund a product again.
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