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Tower Paddle Boards
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About Tower Paddle Boards -As Seen on Shark Tank

Tower Paddle Boards are quality, affordable paddle boards anyone can enjoy. The boards store easier than others because they roll up to about the size of a sleeping bag, making roof racks unnecessary for transportation. The boards are resilient and wont ding or crack easily and can be set down anywhere. Because they’re softer than regular boards they’re great for kids and beginners and easier on the feet.

Tower paddle boards is a shark tank TV show featured product where it was presented before a board of investors that deemed it a lucrative investment. Standup paddleboarding can be done on a flat lake or river and makes a great group or couples sport. Below are independent Tower Paddle Boards user reviews.

Tower Paddle Boards Pricing and Details

  • 15-day money back guarantee on returns
  • Contact No: Toll Free: (866) 622-4477
  • Standard: (858) 362-4082
  • Price: $699 to $999
  • Easy returns (Read our full Return Policy)
  • Exchange anything you’re not 100% satisfied with
  • No hassles. No worries.
  • Website:

Decide for yourself if the Tower Paddle Boards is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • We purchased the board for use in the south pacific and we love it!  It is strong enough to hold two people and stable enough for the dog to ride on board.  It handles waves and its sturdy construction is able to tolerate sand and coral. We like how easy it is to inflate and deflate because we live on a catamaran.  Highly recommend it!
  • Ordered this board for Minnesota summer fun.  We had 6 portages to our destination in the BWCA last week.  Bought a beefier pump and paddle elsewhere, but very impressed with the portability of the board when deflated and with the rigidity when it is inflated.  Every age from mid-50s down to a 7 year old enjoyed using it.  Got bumped into rocks with no issues.  Very comfortable and tracked really well.  The kids even used it as sort of a diving raft and pushed each other off of it.  We used an old Duluth pack to portage, but think we will purchase the backpack that Tower sells instead for future trips.
  • At $899 for the iSUP Xplorer package and $799 for the board itself, I would say that this board is a steal. Not only is it cheaper than standard epoxy touring boards, but it also packs down smaller, making it easier to store and transport. Although I’m not personally a SUP racing extraordinaire, I would say that this is by far one of the fastest SUPs I’ve ever paddled. Overall, this is a great deal for people who enjoy flatwater stand-up paddling but don’t enjoy the hassle and space constraints that come with hard boards.

Negative Experiences

  • This was actually a decent board for about 2 years (coincidentally the length of the warranty?). People were surprised that it was an inflatable because it felt so rigid. It was very difficult going into any sort of wind. I think that is due to the high profile. But it was workable.Then the paddle broke. The part that goes in the water just snapped right off and sank. Then a seam burst. I tried to use the little patch kit to fix the area but the patch and glue were not enough to do an effective repair.
  • Product received on time. Brought it to brazil without testing it first and discovered the air valve is leaking. Very disappointed with the build quality. Will return the item if repairing is not an option.
  • This board has been extremely difficult to fill enough to make the board rigid to actually use. I had to go to a separate company to get an adaptor for my electric pump, which fit the valve well, but I could never get enough air in the board. Every time I tried the board was way too flexible, to the point of taking on water, that I could never use it as a paddle board. I’m very disappointed in this “board”.
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