Touchfire Keyboard for iPad [Reviews]

Touchfire Keyboard for iPad
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About Touchfire Keyboard

Typing on your Ipad can sometimes be a pain because you continue to make errors and have to backspace to get the write message. Now there is the Touchfire Keyboard that adds real 3D keys on top of your 2D device making it easier and better to type on your Ipad. Suddenly you can type again, the keys are comfortable, and provide the perfect amount of cushioning and spring back for you to type with ease. When you want to use the full screen of your Ipad, the Touchfire Keyboards retracts, so it wont be in your way. This product is super durable, and it will never lose its shape! Use the Touchfire keyboard with or without a case and take it any where.

If you don’t like the feeling of typing without a keyboard, than be prepared to start typing on your Ipad with the Touchfire Keyboard! Place the keyboard over your ipad, and take it every where. Use this to write papers, go on Facebook, Twitter, or take notes, you name it! Take it to places and feel good about typing. Read the Touchfire keyboards reviews and see if this product its right for you today!

Touchfire Keyboard Pricing/Details

  • Price: $39.99
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Warranty Terms – Parts 1 year
  • Height 1 inches, Width   9 inches
  • Model Compatibility Apple iPad|Apple iPad 2|Apple iPad 3|Apple iPad Air|Apple iPad with Retina display
  • Maximum Wireless Range: 12”
  • You can find it on >HERE<


Decide for yourself if the Touchfire Keyboard is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • But does it work if you have a protective case around your iPad? My impression is that I would have to remove my protective case in order to utilize the touchfire, which would be a dealbreaker. I’d like to try one out, but my fingers and perceptions have already adapted pretty well to the requisites of the existing keyboard to the point that my typing is nearly as fast as a regular keyboard with as few errors. I still make errors or the spellchecker interferes at times, but would be willing to try it out.
  • My touchfires arrived in the post today and WOW, is this an awesome product or what! I’m very impressed by this product. I would say that it’s the best product that I’ve purchased on Kickstarter and separate to that, you guys were the best creators that I’ve dealt with. 10/10
  • I have to say it is incredibly comfortable.  I really enjoy the feeling of the keys on my fingers.  Very responsive, took me about 30 seconds to learn how to type with it.  Like that it attaches to the smart cover, and not permanently on the screen.  Very impressed!

Negative Experiences

  • This was a great idea. When I got it, however, I was disappointed with how cheap it actually was … ah well. I have moved on to better keyboards. Good luck with 2.0. I will definitely not be purchasing one.
  • I gave the TouchFire to my wife as a Christmas present a year ago. For the first month or so, I observed her trying to use it. She seemed to be struggling with it a lot. After a few months, she stopped using it. I asked her why today. She said: 1) it works “pretty well”; 2) it could be useful IF I had a lot of typing to do on the iPad (which is not the case); and 3) it does NOT attach well to the iPad’s cover (it is too flimsy and the magnets are not strong enough – it falls off or gets in the way of closing the cover). Overall, I few it as an interesting experiment, but not a success. The effort to use it is greater than the benefits.
  • So it looks like it takes up half of the screen? What a bunch of crap. So to all of you iPad users, keep talking trash about the MS keyboards. At least with them you get all of your real estate. This is pure stupidity. Who would use such a thing?
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