Tony Martinez Events and Real Estate Seminars [REVIEWS]

Tony Martinez Events and Real Estate Seminars
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About Tony Martinez Events and Real Estate Seminars

Own a home? Want to invest? Perhaps you will be interested in Tony Martinez Events and Seminars. This service is different from other real estate seminars in that it does not focus on the agent or contractor or anyone like that. When Tony Martinez is at one of his events or seminars, he is there talk to you about real estate notes. These notes are for those who own property or those looking to invest. The investor, at one of these events, could learn how he/she might buy a loan note at bargain price–thence making money from someone else’s loan. And, on the side of the homeowner, they learn how they could possibly work with such investors to manage their debt.

Quick Insights on Tony Martinez Events and Real Estate Seminars

Tony Martinez has been in the real estate business for almost 40 years. His experience with real estate notes most likely comes from his involvement with investors over his career. He has worked with investors and owns investment properties. His goal in speaking at events is keep people in their homes. These events and seminars are through the company Asset Ventures LLC. This company handles real estate notes and hosts events all over the country.

Pricing for Tony Martinez Events and Seminars

The cost to attend of these events could vary from event to event. As Martinez does the seminars for Asset Ventures LLC, you could check their events near you and inquire about tickets.

Contact INFO for Tony Martinez

  • Phone: (310) 545-6336
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

Reviews regarding Tony Martinez Events and Seminars

A lot of the feedback out there about Tony Martinez is rather unpleasant. He, Asset Ventures LLC, and Tony Martinez Events and Seminars are just all around disliked by quite a few people. Most of these people writing bad reviews for this service are very upset clients. There are some that call Tony Martinez and his real estate note promises a scam. People have complained of not receiving payment, even though checks were promised to them by Tony Martinez. Some have noted that they complained and eventually they received what was due to them. But the time period was not short enough for their liking.

PROS and CONS of Tony Martinez Events and Seminars


  • Best case scenario is that someone gets to keep their home and someone else gets to make money.


  • Worst case scenario is that both sides lose and the only ones gaining are Tony Martinez and Asset Ventures LLC.

Bottom line—Tony Martinez Events and Seminars

Bottom line, there are lot of angry investors. They’re not getting their interest, their money, the whole reason they went into business with Tony Martinez in the first place. Now, if investors aren’t getting their due, it does beg one to question what is happening with those people that have debt and are relying on this service. Investment is a risk. But should it really be this risky? Don’t bother with Tony Martinez Events and Seminars.

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