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The real estate industry can be an extremely profitable way to gain wealth. With the large amount of foreclosed homes on the market comes an opportunity to purchase houses for lower rates and sell them for profits. The concept behind flipping houses is appealing, however the process can be intimidating. The website provides many products by real estate investor John Cochran that claim to provide consumers with the information and tools necessary to succeed in buying and selling houses.

Quick Details about

  • Founded by real estate investor, John Cochran
  • 8 different products offered to help you with various aspects of buying and selling houses
  • Majority of information is related to bidding on HUD homes to resell Pricing & Refund Policy

Each of the 8 different products offered on have different prices and refund policies. The most popular product offered on the site, HUD Wholesaling, is $997. The other products offered range between about $100-$1,000. Most of the products include a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About

Overall consumer reception of has been mainly negative. On blogs people post their experiences with the programs offered by John Cochran and they are almost always unsatisfied. The biggest complaint is that using the systems taught in these products hasn’t yielded many people winning bids through HUD. Also many claim that the information is outdated and not relevant to today’s real estate market.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use

I recommend restraining from purchasing the products offered on The information and guidance offered through these programs seems to lack the outstanding results that these products claim to produce. The products offered on can be very expensive and have proved to be a waste of money. I suggest researching other more reputable programs to gain knowledge of the real estate industry.

TheKingOfSystems.comPros and Cons:


  • Products claim to provide the information and tools necessary to profit from buying and selling houses


  • Programs offered are very expensive
  • Most consumer reviews claim they did not experience results
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