The Zyliss Cake/Pie Server [Reviews]

Zyliss Cake/Pie Server
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About The Zyliss CakePie Server

This cutting-edge cake and pie server is the next best thing. The Zyliss Cake Server guarantees a flawless presentation of cake, pie, tarts and more! The stainless-steel blade and a handle made for left and right-handed people, provides an easier cutting and handling experience. Perfectly angled to fit into deep-dish pans, its allows for easy one-handed serving at all times. The Zyliss Cake Server makes cleaning easy because, the blades come apart so that you can wash away the food in those hard to reach places. What sets apart the Zyliss Cake Server from all the rest, is the sliding mechanism. The blade slides forward to help release the cake or pie and serve, and then it simply slides back for the next slice! Simple, sweet, and satisfying.

The Zyliss cake server is an amazing product that helps when it comes to serving treats. Make all your favorite deserts, and serve with ease, slice after slice, after slice. If you love being in the kitchen, and baking for you family, friends, or co workers, you’ll love this product. Safe, and effective you’ll be cutting and serving perfect slices of cake, or pie to your guests in seconds. For more information about this product read the Zyliss Cake Server reviews, and see for yourself what this product is all about.

Pricing and Details

Decide for yourself if the Zyliss Cake Server is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Really happy I bought this. Been looking for an all-in-one that was not metal. The pusher feature is a nice plus.
  • This pie slicer and server does exactly what its name implies: nice clean edges to cut crust, wedge shape to easily get under the pie piece and lift it out, as well as a nifty red “pusher” for hands-free delivery to dessert plate!
  • My 9-year-old saw this when we were food shopping and insisted we buy it for his mom/my wife. It works exactly as described. Of course, at this price, we’re not talking about a fine piece of sterling for use at state dinners. But we don’t have those at our house. We have lots of kids’ birthday parties and this is perfect for FAST cutting and serving

Negative Experiences

  • ‘ve bought a lot of great products at Crate and Barrel and have had them for years, therefore, I was quite disappointed with this item. It was awkward to use and the red piece separated from the server as I was trying to get the first slice out of my pie. It was a mess! The second slice wasn’t much better so I returned to using the regular utensil I was hoping to replace with this thing.
  • I bought this, and now need to return it. Cake gets smushed between the red spatula and the metal spatula when I try to slice off pieces, and it makes quite the mess. This might be a server that is ONLY good for pie. I needed something that is good for both.
  • This is just ok in my book. It really does not make serving that much easier, because the icing sticks to the back of the server if you get too far under the cake and if you don’t go far enough under the cake it falls off the end.
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