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Ziploop Digital Wallet App
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About The Ziploop Digital Wallet

Free you wallet or purse of clutter, store your recipes, rewards and coupons, electronically from all your favorite stores when using Ziploop. This product easily coordinates your recipes for you, so you can find what you are looking for quick. Just key in the search the store name, date, or even location, so you can find what you are looking for fast! Ziploop works on all devices, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. Great for people that want to stay organized, for parents always on the go, and even for people that lose important coupons, and recipes on the regular. Just picture, having all your shopping information right on your phone! Access recipes from your mobile device, get rewards, and updates, so you don’t miss out on important savings! Ziplook allows customers to always view the latest trends and stay updated on new arrivals, and know about special offers and store events. Just give Ziploop you email account to retailers and free up your personal email. Have fun shopping, without all the paper.

The product Ziploop, is a great way to stay organized, and have everything you need right at your finger tips. The Ziploop app, is an electronic wallet that stores all your recipes by store name, location, and more, so you can find what you are looking for in seconds. With Ziploop, you can throw away that coupon book, because the Ziploop app makes life easier by storing information on your mobile device. Be sure to find out how Ziploop digital wallet works by reading the Ziploop digital wallet user reviews. This precaution is for your own benefit so that you know what your getting before you buy it, and what other customers have thought of the product. We want you to feel satisfied, and we encourage you to shop until you drop!

Ziploop Digital Wallet App Pricing/Details

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  • Phone: (925) 386-0934


Decide for yourself if the Ziploop Digital Wallet App is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Ziploop has tremendously streamlined my organization of receipts and rewards. Before downloading ziploop I never had my rewards cards when I needed them and I always lost important receipts. Now, they’re all in one place! I especially appreciate the feature that enables me to send e-receipts to my Ziploop email. I do a lot of online shopping and now I don’t have to look through my inbox archives to retrieve receipts.
  • This app makes it really easy to digitize receipts and store them for later if you need to make a return or exchange. I’ve always hated losing receipts when I want to make a return a few weeks later — now I just take a picture at checkout and it’s all set!
  • This app is awesome. Before Ziploop, I had receipts everywhere and could never find them to return an item. It’s so efficient, I just take a snapshot of my receipt in the store or have them email it to my account. I also use it to capture not only my rewards, but big ticket items with warranty info. I started to use it to monitor my monthly shopping expenses…to stay within my budget. Highly recommend this tool!!!!

Negative Experiences

  • This app is extremely slow loading receipts or either my Wifi is slow. Also, on the Rewards Tab you can’t delete a duplicate reward without deleting the entire reward and starting over. When trying to search for an item, you can’t find it unless it’s worded exactly as it is on the receipt. Who remembers that? Ziploop, please keep working to better your app. Thank you.
  • Honestly – I love the app but since the OS8 update I have not been able to capture any receipts which again leaves me sitting in piles of paper! I really liked this app but ever since the iOS8 update it hangs every time you try to capture a photo. Please fix or I will have to find another app to sort my receipts :(
  • I was really excited about the concept and format at this app, but it froze when I tried my first receipt. Then, when I was finally able to access it again, it froze with the message “unable to download”. I’d be willing to try it again after bug fixes.
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