Pork Barrel BBQ [Reviews] As Seen on Shark Tank

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About The Pork Barrel BBQ – As Seen on Shark Tank

Love BBQ? And willing to try something new? Well get your taste buds ready for Pork Barrel BBQ! The varieties are endless, which gives you a chance to eat, and try new yummy, hardy BBQ with sauces you love! This sauce is able to transform your meal into something you’ve never tasted before! This all natural product will have you and guests begging for more, after they’ve tasted the Pork Barrel BBQ! Available in Original, Sweet, Mustard, and Carolina Vinegar, this product has is able to change your outlook on food completely. Cook with it, bake, or dip it in your food, we guarantee you’ll be full, and satisfied!

Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce, is good for those who love a bold taste, and is willing to spice up their food with a kick! Gluten-free, and containing to high fructose corn syrup, this product this leave you wanting more after every bite. Featured on Shark tank, this BBQ sauce is changing to the food world, and putting a new twist on old recipes. Again, we recommend the Pork Barrel BBQ sauce to anyone out there, because we know you’ll enjoy it!

Product Details and Pricing 

  • Email: porkbarrelbbq@porkbarrelbbq.com
  • Price: $25 (Original BBQ Sauce, Sweet BBQ Sauce, Mustard BBQ Sauce, Caroline Vinegar BBQ sauce, All-American Spice Rub)
  • Website: porkbarrelbbq.com
  • Phone: 1-888-476-7522

Decide for yourself if The Pork Barrel BBQ is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • We love using Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub on all of our grilled and smoked meats. It really kick-starts the flavor on ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. My favorite of the BBQ Sauces is the Original, but all of the sauces are top-notch.
  • Really good with really good service. The taste is authentic and works well with either the grill or the smoker. The rub is ok as it is the same old rub that can be purchased in the grocery store. The sauce is the stand out for me. Thinned the mustard sauce with a little apple juice and worked well with ribs. Will be buying more of the sauce.
  • The Original sauce and rub are great. The hints of ancho chile really make for some great BBQ. The Sweet sauce is also good, but my tastes in BBQ sauce tend to the robust and spicy like the Original. I’ve put rub on the pork steaks, and then grilled them with the sauce, delicious! I’ve also put the rub on chicken for some great BBQ sandwiches. You can also mix the rub with Old Bay and put it on fish. The Mustard BBQ sauce is new, and I’ve yet to try it.

Negative Experiences

  • I hate to admit it, but the mildly harsh flavor of the Regular Sauce lowered my expectations of Pork Barrel’s Sweet version. The Sweet has a much fuller, richer flavor profile than the Regular.
  • The regular Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce was decent but too strong and bitter.
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