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About The Painted Pretzel -As Seen on Shark Tank

The Painted pretzel is a company that makes chocolate covered, mouth watering pretzels, that will make you addicted! These yummy treats are just the right size to satisfy your chocolate cravings, and leave you wanting more. Made from the best ingredients, and this quality product is crafted with care and precision for customers to love. The Chunky Chip, Painted Poppers, and the Pretzel Bark Deluxe are just a few of the endless variety; and all you have to do is sit back and indulge yourself in the wonderful taste is the Painted Pretzels. We guarantee you, there is nothing ordinary about these pretzels, just one bit, and prepare to have your mind blown away.

Treat yourself, a family member to the Painted Pretzels, and you’ll become a huge fan! Pretzels have never tasted so good, in fact, they taste so good, you’ll never eat plan pretzels again. Great for birthdays parties, movie night, or holiday gifts, Painted Pretzels will put a smile on anyone’s face. Each Pretzel is different,so before purchasing, make sure you know what your getting. Full descriptions are available to fully understand what type you want! So sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful taste of Painted Pretzels where ever you are!

Details on the Painted Pretzels 

Product NameDetails Price
Pretzel Bark Deluxe14 oz – Crispy pretzels combined with decadent white chocolate almonds, walnuts and pecans create this simply divine pretzel bark.$26.95
The Party Starter15, 30 or 60 pretzels This party pack is sure to please any crowd. It includes 5 delicious flavors.$36.95
PetitzelsThese little cuties are slightly thinner than pretzel knots, but pack quite a delicious punch. They are available in 3 flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Sparkler.$8.00
Pretzelicious Pretzel Knots12 large pretzel knots$28.95
Painted PoppersThese mini pretzels are sensational! Pop one in your mouth and see how delightful they are. You may have a hard time putting them down.$12.95
The Unlimited Pretzel Pack5 pretzels knot per container. This little treasure contains five of most popular flavors.$12.95
Pecans & Chocolate Chips RodsThese rich dark chocolate pretzel rods are smothered in pecans and chocolate chips and will knock your socks off$17.95
Signature Collection12 Count – Mouth watering pretzel rods drenched in chocolate and coated in 5 amazing flavors.$30.95
Custom Pretzel RodsCustomize your own unforgettable, fabulously dynamite chocolate covered pretzels and thank yourself later$35.95
The GlitzThis pretzel pack includes 5 of most popular and most fun pretzels. These little divas will have you feeling like a superstar$17.95
The Chunky ChipThese pretzels are a BIG deal. Dipped in milk chocolate (unless otherwise noted) and coated in delicious, large chips, these pretzels rods are a winner.$13.95
The FantasticsThere is nothing ordinary about this flavorful bunch. It’s easy to see why these are customer favorites. With one taste, you’ll be a “fan” too.$12.75
The Natural Collection12 pretzel rods. Simple and sweet. The Natural Collection is newest sensation. Rolled in premium chocolate and nuts, you will love it!  This collection has four different pretzel combinations: Milk Chocolate & Almonds, Dark Chocolate & Peanuts, Milk Chocolate & Pecans and Dark Chocolate & Chocolate Chips.$32.95
The Sassy Sampler10 pretzel rods and 10 pretzel knots$39.95
Pretzel GiftsIf you’re looking for a gift that leaves a fabulous impression, look no further. These gift trays are available in brown or red and include 5 pretzel knots.$17.95
Pretzel Of The Month$140.0
Phone: 1.866.315.2698

Decide for yourself if the The Painted Pretzel is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’ve ordered from The Painted Pretzel multiple times either to send as a gift, or for my own enjoyment. I’ve sent as gifts: The Signature Collection, Pecans & Chocolate Chips, and The Sampler.  Each time I send any of these treats, I feel like a genius gift-giver because everybody is always so excited to get them. Not only is it something different, but it tastes great too! A gift that’s perfect for a loved one as well as your doctor’s office. My personal favorite is The Pretzel Turtles.
  • Get ready to get addicted! I tried their peanut butter babies and they were amazing. I have them at my office and I find that after a few I have to hide them in my desk drawer so I don’t just eat the whole batch.

Negative Experiences

  • As far as quality was concerned the pretzels are nothing special. The quality is the chocolate is okay but far from the best and too sweet for my taste. The price point of the erectile is also quite high in terms of value for money. Additionally the cost to ship the pretzels is more expensive than comparable products.
  • Is this place even in business? I’ve tried ordering a few times for Christmas gifts. The website was out of everything. Was told in an email to wait until closer to the holidays for freshness.  Waited and went back to order nothing available? The website is horrible, not even formatted correctly. If I hadn’t seen it on Shark Tank, I would have never placed a credit card order on this site.
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