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League Dating App
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About The League Dating App

The League is a dating app specifically and only for professional career makers to meet other successful professionals. The League uses information from LinkedIn and Facebook to determine if a candidate is fit to be in The League, so only the best matches are available to you.

The League is the first app of its kind to have a refined “members only” user base. You can read how well this is implemented by checking out some of The League dating app user reviews posted below.

The League Dating App Details

  • Product Type: Dating App
  • Category: Lifestyle
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Decide for yourself if the The League Dating App is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • It’s about damn time we call online dating in America what it is, ”Female Privilege”. It is a place where girls get to date men way out of their league by the virtue of being female while guys go to die a slow death by way of ignored messages. The League appears to be no different, only worse for average American male.


  • Everyone I’ve met through the League has been great. Not just in terms of looks but the entire package of personality, intelligence, and ambition. Curated dating apps like this one make me a lot more optimistic about finding a match among the fast-paced millennial generation.


  • I’m a bit addicted to dating apps. So I had to give The League that anyone can download the app from the App Store, enjoy it! Just Amazing!!!

Negative Experiences

  • What a sorry excuse for an app. I feel bad for the people who actually signed up for this service – are they that shallow and insecure that they have to join a site like this? Pathetic. I look forward to the BI article that will be written in less than 6 months saying how “The League” was a total massive complete fail.


  • Don’t waste your time to use that dating app. This is so horribly and not to strategic and thoughtful about So, It’s better to find another apps for your favorite dates.


  • They should label every woman as “flaky.” Don’t waste your time on attention-seeking ego boost apps for women. Get out in the real world and talk to them!
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