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180 Cup
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About The 180 Cup – As Seen on Shark Tank

If your going to a party, the 180 cup is all you need to have a good time! This two in one, party cup and shot glass, will excite any party, and can hold up to a full 18 oz. cup of beer right from the keg! Impressive! Also, this awesome 180 cup is available in two colors, red and clear so your cup will stand out from all the rest. Built tough to last you all night long, it has an easy grip designed to handle any game you play! You and your 180 cup will be the life of the party whether your tailgating, at a BBQ, a house party, picnics or bars, this cup is great for any occasion. This is definitely the Party Cup of the future!

The 180 cup was invented by two brothers, that had a vision of the ultimate party cup. This classic style disposable cup is the perfect way to eliminate having to buy drinking cups and shot glasses, plus it’s affordable! These cups can easily stack for easy and convenient storage anywhere in your house, and are lightweight to carry. Where ever you go, you’ll always enjoy the party with the 180 Cup. Cheers!


The 180 Cup Pricing and Details

  • Price: $99.99 (1000 180 CUP Count Clear)

$99.99 (1000 180 CUP Count Red)

$9.99 (50 180 CUP Count Clear)

$9.99 (50 180 CUP Count Red)

  • Website:
  • Product Measurement: 18oz Cup, 1.5oz Shot Glass
  • Phone: (212) 537-5847
  • Material: Double Wall ABS Plastic

Decide for yourself if The 180 Cup is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • These were fantastic to have at a party I hosted! Everyone kept asking where I got them, so they are definitely a conversation starter.
  • These were actually cheaper than regular Solo cups and I didn’t have to worry about buying disposable shot glasses. I love this idea and they are great for any get together.
  • This is such a smart, useful fun concept. The measured shot is brilliant. Less waste when pouring shots and many other usages.
  • Just have to say this cup is awesome. Drinking cup and shot in one. I had a party this past weekend and it was the biggest hit, everyone loved it. Regular red cups just don’t match up to this cup. Price is also same as regular red cup. 180 cup is the only plastic cup i would buy going forward.

Negative Experiences

  • Seemed brilliant, until we realized the cup had to be empty to use the shot glass. Duh. Since everyone doesn’t finish their drink at the same time we used regular shot glasses, defeating the purpose of the shot glass on the bottom of the cup.
  • Bought these for a women’s tennis weekend. Some of the cups were stuck together and we couldn’t use them. Not sure if that was packaging or processing or what. Honestly, we didn’t use the shot glass.
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