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Ten Thirty One Productions
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About Ten Thirty One Productions

Ten Thirty One Productions was featured on Shark Tank TV show, as a wickedly scary live attraction team. These talented individuals have put together something so terrifying that you must see to believe! Experience this scary thrill for the first time ever, and you’ll have the most frightening time of your life with Ten thirty one productions. There most popular all season long, attraction, is the Haunted Hayride, which is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to get your socks knocked off, because there’s no going back!

You might be asking yourself, what is Ten Thirty One Productions? They are a talented team that has a passion to scare you until you can’t it anymore. Why does Halloween have to be the only scariest day of the year? It doesn’t have to be, because Ten Thirty One Productions has events all year around, as well as in the summer. Take your family, co-workers, or friends to this scare fest, and experience the horror for yourself. If your still not convinced, we suggest that you read Ten Thirty One Productions reviews, and see what people thought about it, and their experience!

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Decide for yourself if the Ten Thirty One Productions is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • The actors were just excellent, costumes and makeup very good
  • If the folks at Ten Thirty One Productions can be given credit where it’s due, it must be said that they have dominated the Southern California pro haunt market in recent years when it comes to new and innovative attractions that go beyond the bounds of traditional haunted attractions.
  • As a fan of horror I’ve experienced many a genre themed event designed to scare the willing participant. Sometimes they work but oftentimes the “scares” are few and far between. Well, this weekend i visit Ten Thirty One production and its great experience.

Negative Experiences

  • Great idea but bad execution!!!!!
    1) Waaaay too many people to even really get scared. All the actors do is just curse at you and do nothing to actual scare you. They have alcohol breath. I wanted to be hooded or kidnapped or see someone in my group get that. Thats what the rules said but NO all we got was boring.
  • I saw the ad, got excited and bought two tickets for a private tent. I have tickets for this Saturday the 7th. Something has come up and I can’t go. NO REFUNDS and NO TICKET TRANSFERS. I can’t even give the tickets for someone else to use.
  • Monsters cussing at guests isn’t scary and pretty much just turns into a high schooler using foul language because he thinks it makes him sound cool.
  • Terrible execution on an event that has a ton of potential. Where did all the money go they pulled from Shark Tank? Into their own pockets I’m assuming since it definitely wasn’t put towards the event.
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