Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw – As Seen on TV [Reviews]

Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw
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About Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw – As Seen on TV

The Sun Joe Electric Chainsaw is designed to make yard work a breeze. The 18” saw is powered by a powerful 14-amp motor, so no smelly gas fumes or trips to the gas station just to clear away the brush. You also won’t miss having to lubricate the chain, because Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw has an automatic lubrication system. There’s no hassle over starting it either thanks to instant start, which includes a safety switch to prevent accidental starting. Anyone can wield this saw with ease- the ergonomic handle is adjustable for your comfort and includes a kick-back break, and the saw itself weighs just 9 lbs.

Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw is an As Seen on TV featured product ideal for tree limbs, firewood and logs. The saw solves many of the problems traditional gas powered chainsaws have. To read Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw user reviews and testimonials from consumers like you, just scroll below to see what they have to say.

Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw Pricing and Details

  • Ideal For: Small tree cutting; delimbing trees
  • Product Type: Hand Chainsaw
  • Price: $99.99
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Telescoping:No
  • Chain Tension Adjustment: Manual
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery

Decide for yourself if the Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • This chain saw works pretty good. We’ve had it for about 3 months and haven’t used it a lot but it has done the job when we did. It is light enough that I feel pretty comfortable cutting the logs that are too long for our wood stove. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and cuts easily. I don’t have to bother my husband just to trim a few logs for me anymore.


  • Better than I expected for the price. I used it to take down three trees and cut them up, max 15-16″ in diameter, ending up with about a cord and a half stacked. Everything worked. All that plastic is okay. The oil reservoir mouth is slightly angled, making it easy to fill without spilling.


  • We are building a straw bale house, and used this to carve notches in the bales. That was really dirty work and clogged the saw, but it has held up well. It isn’t strong enough to do a lot of wood cutting, though, I don’t think. Small branches it will do fine on.

Negative Experiences

  • The saw could not be started. So I called the manufacture. I am still waiting on a call from customer support. Of course it has only been two weeks. So I guess they must be busy. I would not purchase any other products from this company. Nor would I recommend them to any other party.


  • This saw was DOA. I took it out of the box and put oil in it and plugged it in and and nothing. DOA. I saw saw many great reviews on this saw and the Sun Joe Pole saw I bought both and both had to be returned. I am so disappointed.


  • This saw was purchased for my husband, he has tried to use it a few times and he says that it is not worth the money. The saw chain is junk, would not cut a 3 inch tree without forcing the saw to cut through the tree, then he used a gas chainsaw to finish the job.
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