Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker – As Seen on TV [REVIEWS]

Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker - As Seen on TV
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About Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker – As Seen on TV

Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker is an Idea Village product, which can make stuffed burgers smoothly. You can make mouth-watering and tasty burgers with cheese, garlic, mushrooms, and onions and so on. The process of making the burger is quite easy. First, you will shape your burger in the unit, secondly, stuff it with raw materials, and the thirdly, seal it to get awesomely tasted burgers. The unit will notify you once it has finished making the burgers. Not to mention that the product is a dishwasher safe product.

Quick Details about Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker

  1. Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker will create deep ‘bowl’ to seize the filling ingredients.
  2. It is a dishwasher safe unit and you can customize your burger according to your appetite.
  3. The procedure of making burgers is very easy as 01- shape it, 02- stuff it, and 03- seal it!

Pricing and Return Policy of Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker

The price of the Stufz Stuffed Burger MakerAs Seen on TV is $9.95. Idea Village offers a return policy to the customers to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any item, you can just return the item through the USPS to this address (listed below). Keep in mind that you have to apply for a return policy within 30 days of purchase. While applying for a return policy, make sure that you have included your complete name, address, telephone number and email ID within the return package.

Return Address: 400 Returns Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

Phone: 1-855-663-5647

What do other customers have to say about Stufz?

Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker has an average online market status because it has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars at It also refers to the fact that this product has received both negative and positive comments from the customers. Now, one customer positively noted that the unit worked just as it was advertised on ‘As Seen on TV.’ She also suggested that everyone should buy it for making stuffed burgers properly.

However, one visibly annoyed customer expressed his discontent while saying that Idea Village has come with a poor-quality product. She added that the company doesn’t know how it’s supposed to work in real life and it is not a handy kitchen gadget.

Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker PROS and CONS:


  • With this product, you can make awesome burgers just like a world-class chef.
  • The unit is easy-to-use and you can clear the unit without any hassle.


  • The sealing of the burger can be problematic as in some cases, the burgers will not seal properly.
  • The unit is too small for a big-sized bun to fit in.

Bottom Line – Should you buy it?

After analyzing all the facts, we are giving ‘Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker’ a ‘Try this out’ recommendation. We suggest you to make a buy or at least give it a chance because the price of the unit is inexpensive and it will make stuff burgers (with smaller bun) easily. On top of that, buying this product will be a gamble, but you never know what it can bring to you until you buy it!

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