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Stripe Bitcoin Platform
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About is a large online payment platform that specializes in payments for developers. This company is breaking new ground today. Stipe plans to start openly accepting the virtual currency of Bitcoin and begin Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin has largely been gaining ground lately and it is likely that other major competitors like PayPal, will follow suit accepting it in the near future. has mobile payment options as well as market place solutions. In an ever changing marketplace, we must look to forward thinking companies to break new ground and change the current meta for the better.

The acceptances of Bitcoin holds serious repercussions should this currency take a turn for the worst. Before using the services offered by Stripe, be sure that you understand a few different things about its online merchant services. Ask yourself how you can start accepting Bitcoin and what are some other platforms that accept Bitcoin? Be sure to also read the Bitcoin merchant reviews, Bitcoin accepting platform reviews and the reviews to gain a better comprehension of your potential investment. Details

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  • Stripe Charge:  2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge, or less based on volume.

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  •  I just switched my business over to Stripe. While I was with another gateway and merchant provider with a lower rate, the overall yearly and monthly costs from all the different parties meant Stripe was cheaper for my business.
  • I setup my account in five minutes, and had everything up and running in about thirty minutes. Thus far, I’ve had no problem and have two day deposits to my bank account.
  • As for some of the reports of terminated accounts, etc., they have based their business, like Google, on providing an excellent product for the MAJORITY of people, so that they don’t have to offer phone support. Their product is excellent, but is risk adverse. When you sign up, they pull a credit report and attempt to verify your information. If they can’t do that, and any of your transactions appear to be suspicious, they will terminate the account. It is more advantageous for them to not have a risky account on the books than to have some bad press.
  • Our Personal Experiences with the stripe is really flawless awesome. There pricing tier is very very good. No Monthly Charges, No hidden Charges in transaction and card payment is awesome fast terminals for both web and mobile platforms. There pricing is awesome 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge.
  • There responsive and trust full server give a very smooth transaction processing.
  • Our company web and mobile developers will easily integrate stripe php, rails, ios and android with in couple of days for developer(s) its very easy to go through the documentation and api is very very proper and managed written by the author.
  • Our upcoming clients and existing clients also integrate stripe as a payment gateway for the web and mobile application’s.
  • I simply said i love stripe, there support with-in 24/7*365 days. Support is very very good also.
  • Thanks stripe to do business with the companies.

Negative Experiences

  • We had a very unpleasant experience with Stripe. A week after we chose to partner with them, we received an email accusing us of committing fraud. We barely ran 3 transactions for our guests and they chose to close our account. All this was on Valentine’s day weekend when we had many customers waiting to pay the invoices we issued. You can imagine how difficult it was lost to find alternative payment methods on a Friday.
  • We offered to submit to Stripe any kind of document to resolve the issues, including for them to contact our customers and confirm the transactions. They replied 5 days later with a standard email. We will not continued to work with them and other companies should be advised of their unprofessional attitude.
  • Stripe is a rip off company. They approved my account and after my first two transaction for $350.00 they said ” we do have to put your balance on reserve for the next 90 days”. Don’t go with this company you never know you will receive money or not.
  • We use Stripe for our payment processing and the customer service is terrible. We have to wait 2 days for an email response, which most of the time is too generic and doesn’t answer questions.
  • It’s in cases like this where a phone line with a decent (under 5 minutes) and helpful Staff would be a game changer. Their product is decent, but having to wait days to move ahead with serving our clients is a problem; inevitably they make us look like we have bad customer service and are unresponsive.
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