Stretch Genie – “As Seen on TV” [REVIEWS]

Stretch Genie - "As Seen on TV"
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About Stretch Genie – “As Seen on TV”

Stretch Genie is a shoe-stretching liquid. It is a product of As Seen on TV. It is capable of breaking the new stiff shoes or it can expand a small pair of shoes as well. In addition t this, it will work for a wide range of shoes or footwear like – sandals to leather high heels. It works in two ways – First, you can spray the non-straining solution within the shoes and check it whether it is comfortable or not. The second way is you can spray the liquid and put in the Stretch Genie expanders for gradual adjustment of the shoes to get your preferred size. Furthermore, Stretch Genie employs a special formula that can break through quickly to relax and soften the fibers of the shoes. After that, just wear the shoes and check whether it has expanded or not.

Quick Details about Stretch Genie

  • Stretch Genie comes with expanders for extending the width of the shoes.
  • There are adjustable knobs, which will softly expand the shoe.
  • The product has a compact design and it is able to reach tight fitting areas.
  • This product can work on gloves and wallets as well.
  • It is capable of relieving the discomfort from bunions, hammertoes, and uneven foot sizes.

Pricing and Return Policy of Stretch Genie

The price of Stretch Genie is not expensive as it will cost you only 9.95. If you are dissatisfied with any item, you can either return it for an exchange or apply for a refund within 30 days of receiving purchasing date.

What do other customers have to say about?

Stretch Genie is not a widely popular product on the online market. It has received both positive and negative feedback from the customer as its customer review rating is 3.1 out of 5 stars at However, when we examined the reviews from different angles, we found that customers were utterly annoyed with it. Some of their criticisms were as follows –

  • The spray of Stretch Genie doesn’t work as it advertised.
  • The stretchers are of poor-quality and can’t expand shoes, especially, the smaller shoes.

Stretch Genie PROS and CONS:


  • This product will work for widening the toe box, heel, and the insole positions.
  • It is an easy-to-use product and you can customize you almost any shoes.
  • It is compatible to almost all kinds of shoes such as – high heels, sandals, and more.
  • The product will not waste your shoe and keep the shoe color intact.


  • The spray pump doesn’t work properly as there will be a leak from the bottle.
  • It can’t stretch or expand the shoes properly.

Bottom Line – Should you buy it?

Our final suggestion regarding Stretch Genie is ‘Don’t buy it.’ Yes! You have heard us loud and straight. Our analysis has brought the end results about Stretch Genie and we have discovered that it will not work at all. So, don’t fall into the trap of flimsy advertisements because this product might suit children shoes, but it is clearly not compatible with big shoes that we usually wear. So, staying away from Stretch Genie would be better for everyone.

You can find it on >HERE<

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