Stratos all-in-one Credit Card [REVIEWS]

Stratos all-in-one Credit Card
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About Stratos all-in-one Credit Card

Stratos allows users to store their credit cards in one convenient card by swiping through the included mag strip reader that works with the smartphone app. All information is encrypted and secured and Stratos does not receive any of it. Stratos can hold all of your cards and works like any other pay card. In addition, it’s waterproof and insured by FDIC.

Stratos all-in-one Credit Card Features and Benefits

  • Your cards can now fit in one without compromising any of your information if you were to lose it, making it a great investment for traveling.
  • Credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards can all be added to the Statos card.
  • Stratos is accepted anywhere normal cards are
  • Stratos encrypts all information and ever displays card numbers, and can be locked if it’s ever lost or stolen


Stratos is available for pre-order on the company website for $95 and includes free upgrades for each subsequent update.

Does Stratos Card Work?

 In a review by Digital Trends, the card was praised for its normal looking appearance that packs some powerful technology. Stratos works by tapping it twice to activate it, then select the account you want to use on the card. Cards are added by using the included card reader that plugs into your headphone jack and is a quick and easy process. The reviewer said the main drawbacks are the occasional failing of the card and its high price.

Stratos all-in-one Credit Card PROS and CONS:


  • Securely store all your cards in one place
  • Seamlessly add new cards
  • Receive free upgrades as they arrive


  • In the test run, the card didn’t always work when swiped
  • At $95 a year, not that many people would consider the price worth it

Bottom Line: Should You Use Stratos Card?

 If you want to ride the wave of the future before it reaches the shore of the commoners, have a cluttered wallet, and want a stronger sense of security, sign up for Stratos. The asking price is high for some, so for those who aren’t itching to hop on the consolidated card bandwagon, you can likely wait a few years for a price drop. But for everyone who wants their future credit card now, Stratos is available for reservation on the company website.

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