Stok Quattro Gas Grill (4 burner) [Reviews]

Stok Quattro Gas Grill
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About Stok Quattro Gas Grill

The Stok Quattro grill is a new way to grill, because its unlike anything out there. Its great for a large family or a party because of its four burners and two inserts. With all of the different grill options inside the grill, you are able to cook a variety of foods such as pasta, burgers, steak, and hotdogs. Also, the Stok Quattro grill has 4 burner griddles that allow you to make pancakes, eggs, or sausages on the actual grill! How cool is that!? All of the food you want to prepare on the Stok Grill will come out to be tender, juicy, and tasty to you and your guests, each and every time you use it. One of many great features are the porcelain coating for safety, you have the option of cooking more food at once! Be the grilling master, and purchase this multifunctional grill today, to make life and cooking the food you love easier.

Grill in a different way, when you use the Stok Quattro grill. Your favorite dishes will sizzle over its durable, iron gates, and taste great. You can easily maintain the grilling temperature for thorough cooking, and for the foods that don’t require a lot of heat. This product is great for family events, gatherings, and perfect for large or small crowds. Look at grilling differently, and enjoy the taste of your food even more with the Stok Quattro Grill. If you want to see what previous customers have said about the product, than we encourage you to read the Stok Quattro review to get a better feel of what the product is really about. If you need to find out how the new Stok Quattro , 4 burner gas grill works, than feel free to visit the site, and read more about the product to make sure its the right grill for you!

Stok Quattro Grill Pricing/Details/Warranty

  • Contact No: 1-800-847-5993
  • 2 Year Limited Grill Warranty ($29.00) and 10 Year Limited Burner
  • Price: $299.00
  • 450 Sq. In. Primary Cooking Surface
  • Unique multifunctional cooking system
  • Attractive design
  • You can find it on >HERE<


Decide for yourself if the Stok Quattro Gas Grill is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Cooked veggies, chicken and pizza in the same night. Love the larger wire rack for bigger foil packages of veggies. The pizza stone is great – nice crisp crust, just like in the oven without having to heat up the house. And of course, regular grilling is great too. Very happy with this grill!
  • I ordered this grill online, received it quickly, put it together fairly easily, and have grilled with it almost everyday since. My new grill has made me fall in love with grilling again! We’ve grilled hot dogs, burgers, steak, chicken, and PIZZA! It heats up very quickly, stays hot, and is easy to adjust the temp during cooking. Being able to control all four burners individually is awesome! I would highly recommend this grill to anyone who wants to enjoy grilling.
  • We love our new grill. We’ve used all the inserts and bought two additional inserts (wok and chicken roaster). Everything works even better than I hoped. We’ve made awesome pizzas, stir fries, steaks, lobster tail, omelets, burgers, and chicken in our first month with this grill. Everything has been very good. The grill cooks very evenly and I love that the temperature gauge is accurate which helps with cooking times. I could go on and on but will leave it at this: If you’re wondering if the inserts are all they claim to be, they are!

Negative Experiences

  • There has been a recall on the gas regulator for this grill – STILL awaiting replacement – PLUS after less than two years of use – the heat tents and the grease tray have both rusted away. The wait for replacement parts is LONG. Don’t buy – this is a loser.
  • What a disappointment. I’ve had it two years and it is rusty beyond repair. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t meticulous about covering it. $350 was a big expense for us too, considering the one we had before was $130 and lasted us just as long.
  • Don’t bother with this grill. Wanted to use it for the first time this spring. Opened it up and it is completely rusted. Buying the replacement parts appears to be almost as costly as the grill itself.
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