Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars [REVIEWS]

Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars

Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars

Steve Willoughby Seminars is not just some guy talking at you for an hour; it’s a service that provides education for those seeking professional real estate courses. Steve Willoughby Seminars offers several types of courses: online courses, classes for those that don’t yet have their real estate license, and real estate agent continuing education courses. The company offers flexibility to students by offering their online courses as well as having several dates and locations for many of their in class courses.

About Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars

The company is located in Wyoming. The founder, Steve Willoughby, teaches many of the courses. He has had several decades of experience in the real estate industry. He offers a unique perspective in the courses he teaches, due to his varied firsthand experience. He is aware of what the average real agent thinks and is concerned about, and incorporates that knowledge into his courses to offer the student the most they can get. His courses also feature a hands on approach to learning, as they get the student involved through in class discussion and various activities.

Pricing and Refund Policy for Steve Willoughby Seminars

Courses cost between $75-430. Prices for each course and its corresponding materials vary from class to class. You can pay online with a credit card, or you can pay by check or money order. You can only receive a refund for your tuition fees if you request it earlier than one business day before the class begins. The sooner you request a refund, the more of your money you will get back. So if you want a refund a week before the class begins, you’ll likely only get about half of the tuition back. Your refund does not include registration fees.

Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars Contact Info:

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Reviews for Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars

Real estate students really enjoy Steve Willoughby Seminars. Students have said that they enjoy the way Willoughby speaks and makes presentations. Courses are proclaimed to be great with valuable issues and skills being taught and discussed. Students are especially fans of the discussions in class.

Pros and Cons for Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars


  • Online courses offer a flexible schedule for students.
  • Courses are offered on multiple dates and in several different locations.
  • You can register online.


  • Can’t get your registration fees back, or tuition after the class begins. SO if you change your mind about taking a course, you have to cancel it in advance.
  • While they offer some online courses, you may not be able to get all of your education needs met online. This may not be a problem for you if you prefer the classroom, but could be an inconvenience to those seeking solely online courses.

Steve Willoughby Real Estate Seminars — Bottom Line

Steve Willoughby Seminars seems like quite a good place to get all of your real estate education. The courses are flexible and more importantly, the students seem to be satisfied. The company offers dynamic and informative courses that will give you the skills and know how to do the job you want. If you’re sure about breaking into the real estate market and/or continuing your education, this is the place to it for those of you in Wyoming. Just make sure you really want it, because those fees are pretty final.

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