Spring Jet Coiled Hose – “As Seen on TV” [REVIEWS]

Spring Jet Coiled Hose - "As Seen on TV"
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About Spring Jet Coiled Hose – “As Seen on TV”

Spring Jet Coiled Hose is equipped with an ultimate recoil memory, which allows you to expand it to the full length and you will be able to pull back to its unique solid form. This coiled hose is durable and it can resist from dangerous UV rays of the sun, abrasion, overstretching, etc. In addition to these, Spring Jet Coiled Hose comes with anti-corrosive fittings.

Additionally, there is an 18” metal spray wand that is capable of reaching hanging baskets effortlessly. This metal spray also features seven water settings – jet, center, flat, cone, soaker, shower, handy on/off switch, and mist. This product is extremely suitable for the patio, greenhouse watering chores, and deck washing.

Quick Details about Spring Jet Coiled Hose

  • It has high-quality fittings.
  • It is a perfect replacement for huge and watering cans.
  • It is an ultra lightweight hose that weighs in less than one pound.
  • It is equipped with an 18-inch metal wand with seven water settings.
  • It has anti-corrosive settings.

Pricing & Refund Policy Spring Jet Coiled Hose

Spring Jet Coiled Hose will cost you an amount of $29.95. The company (PlASTAIR) has a refund policy about this product. The company will accept returns of the sold products within 14 days from purchase. However, the customers must pay the shipping cost. Plus, the returned item should be in good sellable condition along with original packaging and instructions. If the returned item is damaged or used, then the company will not accept the return. Besides, before granting a refund or replacement service, the company will investigate as to why it has been returned. There will be no cost included in the refund or replacement process.

What do other consumers have to say about it?

As of now, Spring Jet Coiled Hose has received both positive and negative comments from the user. It got 3.0 out of 5-star rating at Amazon.com. Now, customers complained that the water pressure was not enough and even there were leaks also. However, customers have praised the product while stating that they were able to water the plants at their deck quite easily.

Spring Jet Coiled Hose – “As Seen on TV” PROS and CONS:


  • The hose is not heavy. So, you can easily carry it to any place.
  • It has seven water settings, which will make your watering process easy.
  • You can effortlessly water the hanging basket or any distant flower vase.
  • It is easy to expand and retract.


  • Spring Jet Coiled Hose can’t produce the sufficient amount of water pressure for watering process.
  • The hose’s plastic wand is difficult to tighten up.

Bottom line – Should you make the purchase?

Now, the question that is turning your head is – Should I buy it or not? Well! We suggest you to skip this product provided that you need high water pressure for watering process. However, if you just want to water the flower vase or plants, we should recommend you to buy it. Beyond any doubt, Spring Jet Coiled Hose is a general hose for simple watering chores.

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