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Spotlst takes Tinder’s simple swipe concept and applies it to music discovery. After telling Spotlst an artist to start with, it suggests similar artists with song previews. Liking the track adds it to your Spotify playlist and disliking it sends it away. New playlists can be immediately saved to your Spotify account.

Spotlst has been noted for its already vast and steadily growing variety in song selections, making it a go-to service for anyone wanting to discover new artists in the same vein as the ones they enjoy. Below are Spotlst user reviews that show how helpful in music discovery Spotlst is. Details

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Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Hacks are healthy. I’ve been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks now so thought it was time to get it out! It’s a fun way to quickly build up a nice playlist – and save it to your Spotify account. Hope you’s dig it!
  • Thank’s Robert! It’s calling on the Spotify related artists and top tracks api. I originally built it with the echonest dynamic playlist API but it has a low api call limit quota so wouldn’t work with many users.
  • awesome work. love that it starts the track somewhere in the middle so you don’t have to listen to 30 seconds of an intro to determine if you like it :)

Negative Experiences

  • Pretty good! Discovered a few new songs from it, wish it was less buggy and I couldn’t figure out how to pause the song. I couldn’t spend far too much time using it to come up with some great playlists!
  • Hey, didn’t see the playlist feature at first. My thought was to just type a playlist name where all my “Likes” would go, without even explicitly “Saving”. So, essentially an auto-save feature.
  • Very cool! I built this little hack a few weeks ago which plays a random Spotify album on every page load. I’ve discovered some cool music.
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2 Reviews

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