Spicy Shelf Organizer “As Seen on TV” Reviews

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What is Spicy Shelf Organizer and how does it work?

Spicy Shelf is an adjustable and stackable cabinet organizer that fits any cabinet and turns a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece guaranteed. In order to install it you will not need any special tools because it installs in a snap and fully adjustable to fit many different sizes and heights. Each Spicy Shelf width is adjustable from as narrow as 7.5″ to as wide as 17″ and with the depth of the shelf is 10 3/8″. You can use your existing shelf pins or the free standing legs that are included. Spicy Shelf Organizer works with many other shelves outside the kitchen like garage cabinets, medicine cabinets, also can be used for supplements, cosmetics and more.

Product Details

  • Price: $19.99 plus P&H $7.95
  • Offer: 1:1 free separate P&H $7.95 only need to pay
  • Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
  • Measurement: 7-1/4″W x 3″H x 10-3/8″ Deep (assembled)
  • Expands to approx. 16-1/2″W x 6-3/8″H x 10-3/8″ Deep (assembled)
  • Weight: Up to approx. 82 lbs. each
  • Max Weight Capacity: 6 lbs. per shelf
  • Material Composition: Plastic
  • Assembly: Required

Spicy Shelf Organizer Features/Benefits

  • Ideal for keeping your kitchen or bathroom organized and neat.
  • Acrylic construction.
  • Adjustable width.
  • Free-standing legs included.
  • High quality, durable, easy to clean, easy to install and no tools are required.
  • Spice rack holds up to 64 bottles of spices. Can also be used to organize medicines, supplements, cosmetics, and craft supplies.
  • The Spicy Shelf Stackable Organizer easily expands and contracts to fit into any cabinet or nook.
  • Can be stacked or placed side by side so there is no wasted space.

Decide for yourself if the Spicy Shelf Organizer is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

 Positive View

  • Wasn’t 100% positive I would like this, especially after reading some of the reviews; however, it’s ideal for my needs. My cupboard was too wide, and not quite high enough, and I ended up using one shelf, and wasn’t too thrilled. Then I took everything out and used two narrower ones side by each, and love it! It went together easily–easier than taking it apart when I rearranged everything. Is it worth the money? Absolutely, for my needs, at least.
  • Very pleased with this purchase. These work well in fairly narrow cabinets. If you have removable shelves you could stack the two spicy shelves. Items in the center area don’t interfere with seeing what is on the shelf very much. It is much better than the disarray I had before.
  • My spice cupboard was a mess. These are seriously the most useful thing ever! I love cooking even more now that I don’t have to dig through all of my spices.

Negative View

  • Don’t waste your money! Very flimsy if extensions are added. Shelf height is not tall enough for my spices. Wasted more space trying to make it work!
  • Cheaply made. To short for most spice bottles. Returned with no problems. Absolute crap.
  • This rack was very flimsy. My cabinet was wide and uses all the extensions. But making it wider makes the middle flimsy and can’t hold to much weighted spice bottles without it bowing in the middle. It needs support in the middle and that would make it work better. I’m sending it back.
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