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Skinny Bunny Tea
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Skinny Bunny Tea

Skinny Bunny Tea is tea blended to suit your goals. Skinny Bunny sells teas intended to be drank in the a.m. or in the p.m., for weight loss, recovery, energy, or detox. The a.m. tea is made with black tea and comes in a chocolate or caramel vanilla flavor, and is claimed to boost your energy in the mornings. This tea is supposed to help the immune system and to burn fat. The p.m. however, is herbal tea and comes in chamomile or vanilla oolong green tea flavor and is supposed to relax and cleanse the body. The antioxidants, herbs, and vitamin c in this blend is supposed to help you sleep better and to help with common ailments such as colds. Their tea to help in recovery is one of their p.m. teas, and it is blended to aid in skin care, metabolism, and digestive and dental health. All Skinny Bunny Teas are natural, vegan, and made in the U.S. The company also sells a diet guide and workout plan, meant to be used along with their teas, to help customers in their weight loss and fitness goals.

About Skinny Bunny Tea

All Skinny Bunny Teas are natural, vegan, and made in the U.S. The company also sells a diet guide and workout plan, meant to be used along with their teas, to help customers in their weight loss and fitness goals. The tea offers those trying to attain health and fitness goals with a beverage that is healthy and actually tastes good. It can be easy to grab a sugary drink or something like coffee or juice. But teas offer a host of benefits yet have unique flavors.

Skinny Bunny Tea Price and Returns

Skinny Bunny Teas are regularly $20 for a supply that lasts roughly a month. If you want a refund, you can ship back your order as long as it’s unopened and within two weeks of the day you ordered it. Free Shipping if you buy it on For orders over $35

Contact or Buy Skinny Bunny Tea:

Email: You can contact Skinny by emailing or calling

Website: You can Buy the Skinny Bunny Tea on , just click here.

Phone: 1 (855) 969 – 3630.

You can find it on >HERE<


Skinny Bunny Tea Customer Reviews

Customers, for the most part, have been enjoying these teas. Feedback is widely positive, with many saying that the teas taste good, have helped them lose weight, decrease bloating, clear out the system, and have helped them sleep better. On the other hand, there are some customers who aren’t so satisfied have not felt any benefits from drinking the teas. Customers with negative feedback say that the teas don’t taste good, haven’t helped them at all, and even experienced some side effects such as restless sleep and jitteriness.

Bottom Line on Skinny Bunny Tea

The blend and flavor are what set Skinny Bunny Teas apart from other teas. From the feedback received by those that have tried it, for many people it would be a beneficial addition to their diet. When considering drinks to help with detox and weight loss, these teas should be considered because of their blends of teas with high benefits. However, it’s important to also consider other teas, or cheaper alternatives such as water with lemon. But if you have room in your budget, and you want a special tea to get you through your day and workout, try Skinny Bunny.

Benefits on Skinny Bunny Tea

Using Skinny Bunny Tea could potentially have many benefits due to the many blends in their teas. The green, chamomile, oolong, and black, tea found in their products tout a variety of reported health benefits just by themselves. The health benefits of green tea alone are numerous, including aid in weight loss. Chamomile also comes with a list of potential benefits including relief of anxiety and insomnia, and in combating illness. Oolong and black have been considered healthy teas by many people as well, for more energy, help in weight loss, better skin, and more. Skinny Bunny Teas take all of these teas and blend them with other ingredients to give a customer something for his/her body and help in their goals. There are no side effects associated with these teas, however high quantities of caffeinated tea could produce symptoms or have negative impacts on the body such as lack of sleep or feeling of jitteriness and some long term effects. However, long term effects would take a rather large amount and other side effects are not as intense as those produced by coffee.


-The ingredients are beneficial to the body, plus are all natural.

-Each tea has a unique flavor.

-There are teas for specific goals like detox or energy.


-The flavor may not agree with your palette.

-Some individuals might not experience any changes while drinking the teas.

-They are not cheap teas. It may be more affordable to seek out plain green, black, or oolong teas and/or water with fruits or vegetables for detox.

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