Simple Sugars As Seen on Shark Tank [Reviews]

Simple Sugars
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About Simple Sugars

Simple Sugars will take you to a place that you have never been before. Experience the wonderful smells and sensations that Simple Sugars can give you and your body. This all-natural body scrub will leave you feeling pampered without even leaving your bathroom. Simple Sugars was successfully funded on the Shark Tank TV Show, and has been a hit that everyone can’t get enough of. Treat your skin and feel smoother with every use, because Simple Sugars is gentle on delicate skin, Try it, and see the difference in your skin, and choose between all the wonderful scents Simple Sugars has available.

If you are looking for a product that will boot your skin, making you feel soft and cleansed? Well look no more, because Simple Sugars could be right for you. If the smell alone, doesn’t make you want to purchase it, the results will. Make your skin feel great, and give it the treatment it deserves. For more information concerning this product read the Simple Sugars reviews to find out if its right for you!

Simple Sugars Pricing/Details

  • Contact: 888-819-8994
  • giving you a striking after glow
  • There are scrubs for your face, body, feet
  • Price,$15.99 for 5 oz and $20.99 for 8 oz!
  • Website:


Decide for yourself if the Simple Sugars is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • the products are impressive.Thus, withahhhhht a doubt, Simple Sugars is officially awesome.
  • I ordered my simple sugars’ products after watching Shark Tank. If I was on the panel I would have been all in. I got the green tea facial scrub and the coconut body scrub. The smells are AMAZING. It is gentle enough that I can use them everyday but they still do their job. I am left feeling smooth and soft! Great review! Glad to find others out their who like it as much as I do.
  • After using it I have to say- it’s totally worth it! The fragrance was good, I would highly recommend them!

Negative Experiences

  • I purchased 3 jars of Simple Sugars online after seeing it on Shark Tank. When I received them in the mail, the first jar seemed a little bit dry.       After giving it a good stir, it was still dry and crumbly but the scent was nice and it was usable.
  • Messy and not very effective.This item is over priced and took too long to be delivered,It doesn’t work! I bought simple sugars body scrubs in the hope that may help my eczema problem After 3 weeks of use, not only it didn’t help the situation, it actually caused the skin to be drier and more irritated. I won’t buy it again and won’t recommend it.
  • Didnt see a differnce on my daughters eczema! Smells good though
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