Shimmer-(metallic jewelry tattoos) As Seen on TV [Reviews]

Shimmer Temp. body Tattoos
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About shimmer Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

Shimmer body art works as advertised on As Seen on TV infomercials, has been the talk that everyone is talking about. Be creative, fun, and shimmer with these temporary tattoos. These are the best metallic tattoos available that are great for parties, festivals, fairs, concerts, weddings, beaches, and dates! Wear them anywhere, and anytime to spark up your outfit. Hypo-allergenic, they can be worn by anyone, lasts up to seven days, and comes completely off with baby oil!Shimmer Body Art, is non-toxic temporary body tattoos that are made from waterproof material,so you never have to worry about getting your Shimmer tattoo wet. Turn heads with new style of body art, and order yours today!

Ideal for every event under the sun, you can liven your next outfit with Shimmer jewelry tattoos. If you are tired of wearing the same jewelry everyday and want to try something out of the ordinary, well your search is over because Shimmer tattoos could be right for you. Just read the Shimmer Body Art reviews, and you will immediately want to get your as soon as possible.

Shimmer Tattoos Pricing/Details

  • Price: 10$
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • This exquisite Jewelry Tattoo set includes four sheets for a total of 70 temporary tattoos. Choose from more than 50 dazzling gold and silver designs that flatter all skin tone.


Decide for yourself if the Shimmer Tattoos is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • As with any products that are fairly new to the market, there is an accompanying lack of user reviews to be found online. Nonetheless, temporary metallic tattoos seem to be a fashionable phenomenon right now.
  • Perfect nice tattoo best price, recomended 100%
  • These are great. I wore them and they didn’t come off for days after..easy to put on and not that expensive .

Negative Experiences

  • These are just metallic tattoos. They do last but the metallic doesn’t. It gets all matte and weird.
  • They say the tattoos last for 4-6 days. NOT true. Mine were worn off after just one day. I tried in several different areas. None lasted more than 1 day. A total waste of my money. I have ordered FLASH Tattoos and those are terrific. The last 6-10 days. I will NOT be re-ordering this product again.
  • If you’re a young girl you might like it, say under 12. Might be ok to wear at the Mardi Gras. Too small of patterns for dudes. Not worth the 15.99. And for sure not worth the 5.00 postage. The sheets are about a 5×7, it wouldn’t cost more then a postage stamp to mail it. But, that’s my look on it.
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