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What is ShamWow?

“ShamWow” It is the perfect ecofriendly reusable towel can absorb and hold up to ten times its weight in liquid, generally signifies a brand of absorbent cloth. The title of this product derives from the French pronunciation of the chamois. This soakage-riding device is one the greatest creation.

How is ShamWow used?

  • For home, car spills, pet stains, bathrooms and more
  • Super absorbent
  • ShamWow washes, dries and polishes any surface efficiently without making any scratches
  • Can be conveniently machine washed, so maintenance is hassle-free

Product Details::

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Price: $ 95
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 2
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Germany


  • It will work smoothly in your car, kitchen, laboratory, garage and office.
  • It will remove liquid from locations big or small; high or low; lower-class or royalty.
  • It will even clean up blood from the carpet and other fabric surfaces.
  • No matter where the spill, the ShamWow will out the damned spill.

Decide for yourself if the ShamWow is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

 Positive Experiences

  • Wonderful cloths, bought to replace some bought many years ago as they are fantastic for drying out the shower and screen thus minimizing water marks. Good for all sorts of other stuff no doubt as they are very absorbent.
  • Very good at holding water, I use it to wipe condensation from inside house windows, And to wash/wipe car.
  • I’ve been looking for these, ever since we bought some abroad. They are German, and the most super absorbent cloth you can get. Perfect when you have a dog like ours who like to splash his drinking water all over the kitchen floor, and not to mention the paw marks.
  • These cloths are brilliant for drying/cleaning my dog. They hold a lot of water and rinse out so easily. Have recommended them to my friends. Would be great if there was an XXL available.
  • Although ShamWow is relatively pricey, these are ideal for using as (amongst other things) a base for a cat litter tray. Easy to wash out (unaffected by bleach) and wring out to almost dry without tearing. Cat didn’t mind it at all and it saved on buying and disposing later of the usual clay litter. When clean, it’s also good for washing the car or cleaning windows.
ShamWow Towels

ShamWow Towels

Negative Experiences

  • They’re supposed to be very absorbent, but only when absolutely soaking wet if that makes sense. For example, I tried to dry off my car with a towel, but it didn’t absorb the water as much as I’d hoped for – took ages, but when I hand washed one of them, it held loads of water. Very rigid as well, don’t feel like towels.
  • It’s too bad that good people have to work for such a company and have to listen to complaints for the stealing of people’s money on refunds. Their customer service reps are great the companies return policies are outrageous.
  • This product does not work as advertised. The first time you wash it in the washing machine, it is a limp rag that has shrunk to half its size, very fuzzy, and doesn’t absorb any liquid. I had to trash it.

Final Conclusion for ShamWow “As seen on TV” From

Lastly, ShamWow can be used in any situation. We were pretty excited to see it work. It is like a towel, a sponge, and a chamois all in one. ShamWow is a very useful kit for cleaning up large spills and leaks, which makes it an ultimate solution. The majority of customers who buy the ShamWow are impressed after seeing it work for the first time at their home, and the most common criticism being that it doesn’t really absorb liquid so much as smudge it around. Apparently customers who tried using the ShamWow as a towel, as some swimmers are said to do — say that it works better in that capacity, but add that the material is a bit too rough on the skin for this use, so we suggest wearing gloves when you use it.

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