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In today’s world an ever increasing amount of people are becoming interested in creating their own business and taking their career success’ into their own hands. We live in the era of the entrepreneur. While countless individuals have proved that just about anyone has the potential to be successful, it certainly takes a combination of knowledge, planning, and timing to make it happen. To many, the idea of entrepreneurship is intriguing but often overwhelmingly intimidating. The website,, attempts to provide resources and motivation to up and coming entrepreneurs to help them on their rise to success.

Quick Details about

  • Website aimed towards entrepreneurs
  • Provides motivation and resources for success
  • Contains articles related to entrepreneurship
  • Hosts a forum to discuss topics with other members
  • Become a member of the “Secret Academy” for access to a wealth of additional resources including live interviews with successful entrepreneurs
  • Purchase the book, Third Circle Theory, for even more information related to becoming an entrepreneur Pricing & Refund Policy

There is a significant amount of free information available on However, most of the resources and info become available when you sign up for the “Secret Academy” and also from purchasing the book, “Third Circle Theory.” To become a member of the “Secret Academy” costs either a one time payment of $223, or 5 monthly payments of $47. For $95 you can purchase the “Third Circle Theory” book which includes the paperback, e-book, and audiobook, as well as 6 additional books as a bonus.

Surprisingly, Secret Entourage does not provide any refund opportunity for members of it’s “Secret Academy” program. Therefore, make sure you truly want to sign up before you process the payment. The book, “Third Circle Theory,” has a no questions asked refund policy for 14 days from the date of purchase.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about

Consumer reviews for are extremely hard to find. It appears that the only reviews available are the obviously skewed positive reviews located on the website. While this is not necessarily proof that the material is worthless, it is also not very promising. This becomes even more confusing when considering that the “Third Circle Theory” book has an affiliate program providing 30% for referring traffic to the site when a purchase is made. Therefore, there are websites speaking highly of the book simply to generate profits.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use

I do not recommend signing up for the “Secret Academy” program and I also do not recommend purchasing the book, “Third Circle Theory.” The program and book have far too little credibility to be worth your time and money. My suggestion is to use for it’s free articles and then find other useful websites with free information to help you. There is a wealth of information on the internet and you can go a long way without needing to pay for any of it. If you would like to purchase a book or join a program to guide you on your entrepreneurial path than I suggest making sure that it is reputable and highly reviewed first. There are other much more credible sources of knowledge out there. Pros and Cons:


  • Small amount of free articles available to read
  • “Secret Academy” program offers information and resources to help entrepreneurs
  • “Third Circle Book” available for more knowledge
  • Forum creates a place for communication with others


  • Most information is only available through the “Secret Academy” program and the “Third Circle Theory” book, which come with hefty price tags
  • Lack of credibility and consumer reviews
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