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Screen Mend
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About Screen Mend

The ScreenMend repair kit is a novel idea whose purpose is to repair small holes in window screens. The kit contains two black patches that cover a 70 square inch surface area. ScreenMend is unique because its adhesive is traditional candle wax and needs to be heated for only 60 seconds with a hairdryer. Some may recognize this product from the TV show SharkTank. As an additional benefits, ScreenMend is waterproof!

In most cases, the simplest solution is the best one. ScreenMend is just that, a simple and effective way to repair holes in screens. Not only does this process take less than a minute and is easy to install, it will save you from investing in a new screen completely, thus saving you money. Due to the fact that this product has received so much attention, there is an abundance of user reviews to read up on. A good generic search might could be: ScreenMend patch SharkTank reviews. We hope you thoroughly research this product to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

Screen Mend Pricing/Details

  • Product Type: ScreenMend Screen Patch
  • Price: $9.99 – $19.99
  • Website:

Decide for yourself if the Screen Mend is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I have never written a review in my life up until now. I bought this for my lake house which at times will get mosquito crazy at night. When I purchased I had low expectations, but I think it is an amazing product. I saw it on shark tank and thought why not give it a try; for the price what really is the risk. I am so happy with how well this has worked. I would recommend this to anyone, if you are reading reviews to decide to purchase this, just stop here and purchase it.


  • Very quick and easy to do once I borrowed a hair dryer. Although you can see the patches if you look closely, the screen looks great and at first glance you cannot even tell the patches are there. Plus I now have enough to fix screens for years to come as you get two rather large sheets of the screen mend!


  • Very easy to use. Patched a small hole in our patio door wall screen right by the handle. Gets a lot of use and still holding after 3 weeks. I think I over used hairdryer a bit when applying. Some wax started melting down to rest of screen. Follow directions carefully. Thought I would use dryer from both sides, that didn’t work, only dry from 1 side. Great Product.

Negative Experiences

  • This doesn’t repair large holes/tears only small tears. Even tried using the mesh in section to cover tear/hole and still didn’t work. Plus if you try it and it doesn’t work there is wax residue everywhere. It’s just very messy! I made sure the area was cleared and nothing on the floors and wax got all over everywhere! It got on our hardwood floors and our nearby glass door. Wish it said something about laying stuff on the floor or covering nearby glass cause that was a pain to clean up :/.


  • I saw this on Shark Tank and wanted to try it because I had several screens with smaller holes and didn’t want to replace the entire thing. When using this on ALL my screens, it was hard getting the patch to stick! I had my blow dryer on high and right up against the screen like advised, but the heat melted all the wax off the patch…..maybe that’s why it wouldn’t stick properly, I really don’t know. It also made the hole in one of my screens WORSE!


  • Used this for the screen on my camper window. It held the day I applied it per package instructions. The following day, as soon as the screen was touched/moved, the patch easily fell off. I used a new patch to try a second time with the same result. The screen patch provided is a sturdy screen with a wax – like substance on it, it is supposed to work by applying the patch to the hole, applying heat to the patch to melt the wax to the existing screen, and hopefully holding once it cools. In my experience, once it cooled the wax became brittle and crumbled, with the patch easily falling off..
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