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SANE Solutions
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SANE Solutions

One of the many online health programs, SANE Solutions offers its clients a full program to lose weight and keep it off. The program comes with an access to a members only site, an app, a program with an action plan for you to use, and multimedia guides for such things as meal plans and workouts, as well as their community and experts. Does this sound like most health programs out there? Yes, and for the most part, it is. But SANE’s mentality is, rather than the regular tip you hear pretty much everywhere to “eat less, exercise more” for weight loss, you should eat more and exercise less. The program is also designed around medical and scientific studies and information, or so SANE Solutions claims. For example, the recipes that the program offers are supposedly “scientifically proven to burn fat, boost energy levels, and improve your health.”

About SANE Solutions

The program seems to be a culmination of its creator’s–Jonathan Bailor—lifetime work. Bailor has been a certified personal trainer and worked with scientists analyzing health studies. He is the author of the Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better.

Bailor, and his SANE program, has sought to dispel fitness and health myths and get rid of outdated and/or misinformation. His program is supposed to make getting and staying healthy, simple.

SANE Solutions Price

No contract, first 21 days are free, and regularly it is $49 a month.

Contact Information

You can ask questions and contact this company by visiting

What people are saying about SANE Solutions?

Most costumers of this health program have given positive feedback. Costumers are in love with their app, saying that it’s much preferable to strictly logging and counting calories, and that it offers a way to access great information about health and eating well. And of course, the company has its shining testimonials. Medical reviews of the program are great as well, claiming that this program is a healthy way for people to get on track with their fitness goals.

Our Bottom Line on SANE Solutions

The SANE Solutions health program is really one that will benefit the person who has tried a lot of things on their own, or other programs, and have not been successful. If someone is struggling with finding information about the best foods to eat and healthy recipes, and doable exercises, and there is a desire to have a community offering support, this could be the program for that person. However, it may not be right for someone just getting started on her/his fitness goals, or is well into reaching her/his goals. Making small adjustments in diet, changing attitudes and mindset, as well as exploring exercises and various physical activities, should be tried before signing up and paying for a program. Why pay for advice when you could gain everything you need to know for free? But, this program could be helpful for those who have struggled for a while and have a difficult time accessing useful information that will aid in their health and fitness goals.


  • There’s no guarantee that you could lose more weight and get healthier using this program rather than any other program out there.
  • While the program is supposedly backed up by scientific studies, there is no information provided about these studies. The quality of the studies is something to consider. For instance, if the sample size in most of the studies is very small, then the study is not a very accurate representation of the entire population. This could impact the accuracy of the information provided in the program.
  • There could potentially be more costs to this program. For example, for some of their exercise plans there may be equipment required.


  • There is everything you need to know all in one place. All of the nutrition and exercise and such information is basically at the touch of the finger. This could potentially make the fitness process a little easier, as you don’t have to go looking in multiple places for what you need to know.
  • You get access to a community that can support you.
  • You can track your progress in the program.
  • The SANE program seems a little more forgiving than other stricter programs. It’s centered on efficiency, exercising smarter, and eating better quality foods rather than restricting calories and promoting long workout periods.
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