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RugBuddy Rug Heater
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About The RugBuddy

The Rugbuddy is a radiant heating panel for under area rugs is the perfect space heater alternative for any cold space. Completely safe, RugBuddy is an DIY Network’s “I want that “ tv show featured product plugs right into your wall outlet, that you have all over your house. Place the Rugbuddy in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or hallway in your home. Feel the cozy warmth under your feet at a fraction of the cost. RugBuddy is an “Do it Yourself” product, allows people to never change their home designs because it simply goes under any rig that is already in your home. Energy efficient, safe, and simple, you can have warm floors in a matter of minutes when you switch to the RugBuddy today.

Walk, sit, or stand on your rugs even when the RugBuddy is in place. No need to change your home, because this product already has the ability to adjust to your living style. Great for big or small homes, apartments, or dorms, never walk on cold floors again with the RugBuddy. If your hesitant about this product, go to the RugBuddy reviews and see if its the right product for you.

RugBuddy Pricing/Details

  • Website:
  • Contact No:800-876-1312
  • Price: $316.94, 470 Watts
  • No risk of fire
  • No risk of shock
  • GFCI protected
  • Waterproof
  • You can find it on >HERE<

Decide for yourself if the RugBuddy is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Rugbuddy installed yesterday in our summer house. After an hour running off a solar battery system, house and I felt much warmer. Will be able to enjoy my hobby room for more days during the year. Thanks again for the great service.
  • Just a quick e mail ,,,, have just got the rug buddy and fitted it ,,,, well plugged it in ,,,, this is a great product ,,,, and one happy customer ,,,, thanks.
  • We are very pleased with the RugBuddy. We found it easy to lay out under the existing rug and the performance is very good with the room becoming more than comfortable after about half an hour. We now find that we have four cats lying in various poses across the rug during the evening so they also appreciate the warmth.

Negative Experiences

  • DO NOT buy this product my experience was that it only worked for a season and then stopped working when calling and emailing the company about this no one returned phone calls, emails and they were unable to be reached. A product that works for 4 months for $300-400 is not worth it
  • I bought this product 2 years ago for the nursery thinking it would be the safest option to heat my toddler’s room. It does provide some *supplemental* warmth but not enough to turn off the gas central heating. This is for a room without drafts and on the first floor. More concerning, I took a reading of the product with my EMF/EMR field meter both alone and placed under a rug. Both the EMR and EMF readings were off the charts and pinned the needle to the highest possible number available on my meter. The readings were strong up to 3 feet above the product ~ exactly the height of my toddler. I was so shocked because this product specifically advertises itself as “NO EMF/EMR”. It sounds like somebody needs to go back to school because ANY device you plug into the wall is going to emit a current. I had been curious to see how they found a solution to this issue ~ but they didn’t. It was false advertising in my estimation. I sent my item back for a refund and was asked to provide a video of the reading which I did. They gave my a refund but they never responded again. I am so surprised to see NO EMR/EMF still being advertised.
  • It was quite nice while it lasted. Which was about a month or two. Then it died. Expensive mistake.
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