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Roominate Toy
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About Roominate Toys – As Seen on Shark Tank

Roominate is a fun unique building toy for girls. Roominate inspires girls to construct different sorts of miniature rooms with creative furniture, floors, columns etc., based on designed that they like. If you would like to see your child play with a smart toy, then you should look into Roominate toy line. Cool features are child safe intuitive blocks with circuits running through lights, carousels and fans to give their miniature design a real feel. These modular building kits can bring out child’s imagination into real life, not to mention confidence and innovative blend of creativity that every girl possesses. Each Roominate building kit can seamlessly be combined to expand structural design and fulfill your child’s imagination.

Here at we feel that products like Roominate smart toys are crucial for children these days. We’ve been growing up playing outside with things we found around in our backyards etc., but it’s rarely you find kids doing that lately. Roominate has had a great interest on an As Seen on Shark Tank TV show and since then it had been much popular. You can save yourself time (and maybe money) by reading actual user reviews further down on this page to get a clear view of Roominate products before buying it.

Product Details

Product Name Price
Roominate Studio $29.99
Roominate Chateau $49.99
Roominate Estate $99.99
Roominate Helicopter $19.99
Roominate Circuits $19.99
Roominate Architect $19.99
Design Engineer Pack $14.99
Roominate Active Guide $19.99

Decide for yourself if the Roominate Toy is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  •    I love Roominate! My niece spent the entire day playing with it when she got it. It was so cool to watch her figure out how to make a merry go round using the motor and building pieces! She loved it so much that I bought two more for my friends’ daughters. It’s become my go-to gift for young girls birthdays – I recommend it to everyone
  •  My daughter received this set and was excited to see all the things in the box. The first things she wanted to put together were the fan and the light. I think this encourages a lot more creativity than the Lego Friends series (which annoys me a bit that it’s not as complicated as other regular Lego sets.) I could see my daughter spending a lot of time with this. She already asked for additional pieces for Christmas.
  •  Isabel loved this birthday gift. She set to work reading the directions and putting everything together as soon as she got it. Then she emailed us pictures of her progress! She really had fun doing this by herself. Maybe she’ll be an engineer. Yes we would recommend this set.

Negative Experiences

  •  For what you get this is really expensive and not much guidance on what to do with the rough pieces it comes with. I’d have saved 75% of the cost by going to the craft store and just buying sheets of construction paper, some wooden sticks and telling my daughter to use her imagination. Rename this “Basic Craft Kit”.
  •  I really wanted to love this toy…unfortunately, it is really just a bunch of stuff that you can find in a craft store or hobby shop packaged up like some major “engineering” “STEM” toy for girls. NOT. There have been other reviewers who said the same. You can build a small room and tape paper to walls to add color. For the price, I was highly disappointed.
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